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21 and Over movie review: Legally hungover

Written by the dudes who wrote The Hangover, this movie is another wild night of drinking that includes strange interludes with massive beasts, only this time set in a sleepy college town. Though not quite as riotous as its predecessor, this flick is full of crazy laughs and “oh, no you didn’ts” that may even hearken back to your old boozy college days. Get ready to laugh, be grossed out, then laugh again.

21 and Over

3.5 Stars: Perfect for spring-breakers

The movie opens with buddies Miller and Casey (Miles Teller and Skylar Astin) walking across a college quad completely naked, except for tube socks covering their privates. Their rear-ends are pink and branded with the call letters of a sorority and the two young men make a pact to never tell anyone what happened last night.

Like The Hangover, the delicious fun for the audience will be to discover how two seemingly normal guys ended up in such a despicable and embarrassing predicament.

Jumping back in time, we discover that Miller and Casey have traveled to Seattle to surprise their other buddy from high school, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) on his 21st birthday. As they arrive at his house, they’re less than thrilled to find Chang’s helicopter dad (François Chau), who makes it very clear that no birthday partying will be allowed. Dr. Chang has high expectations for his son and has pulled strings to get him an interview for med school that will take place the next morning at 8 a.m.

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21 and Over

Like only high-school buddies can do, Miller and Casey convince Chang to go out for “just one drink” and, well, no college kid can have just one, especially on his 21st birthday. Miller meets Chang’s lovely friend Nicole (Sarah Wright), who may just change his life if her strangely tough-yet-effeminate boyfriend doesn’t kill him first.

After vomiting on a mechanical bull, Chang passes out cold and Miller and Casey must return him home before the big interview in the morning — but neither can remember Chang’s address.

21 and Over

If this movie is to be believed, college dorm parties have reached a whole new level of crazy, with chugging games that will turn your stomach. New to the lexicon of college stereotypes is a Latina sorority that practices sexy, devilish rituals akin to something out of the film Eyes Wide Shut.

Bottom line: This movie is incredibly funny, often mega-gross, but has many fresh new takes on Animal House-style pranks. Enjoy!

The run time is 93 minutes and there are no extra scenes during or after the credits.

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