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Wedding playlist: For the indie-lovin’ lovers

Love Indie music? We’ve sifted through the racks and found some wedding music that’s perfect for the modern, mellow couple’s big day.

The Civil Wars make good wedding music

The Civil Wars know love songs — their album is full of ’em!

If you contemplated a tea-length dress, love buying vintage and love anything (or anyone) with a mustache, this might be the playlist for you. Even if you don’t like those things, you might still find some playlist gems! These bands may not all be independent artists, but they’ve got a little indie sound.


“Jackson” (cover)

Florence + the Machine (Feat. Josh Homme)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing the original Johnny and June Carter Cash version of “Jackson.” But, if you want something a little less retro or a little slowed down, Flo and Josh’s version is spectacular. Whether you got married in a fever or took 10 years to say “I do,” “Jackson” is a fun addition to any wedding.


“You Really Got A Hold On Me” (cover)

She & Him

Yes, it’s another cover. Here’s what we like about covers, though: They’re pulling from a past generation, making you likely to help include some of your older relatives into the mix, instead of excluding them with updated Top 40 music. Plus, Zooey Deschanel has a beautiful voice with a vintage tinge that’s just made for this song.



Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

“Home” might just be everything you could want in a relationship. It’s sweet and innocent with the Zeros’ Jade chirping alongside the happy-go-luck lead Alex Ebert. To a certain extent, it’s the story of new love told through the words of two longtime lovers and all wrapped up with a charming, youthful and Suessival twist in the “Holy moley me-oh-my” and “moats and boats and waterfalls.” Also: Whistling.

We won’t bog you down with videos, but those aren’t the only songs on our playlist. We also think these songs are worth a listen and the addition to your playlist!

  • “Ho Hey” — The Lumineers
  • “Cups” — Lulu and The Lampshades (Anna Kendrick also does a good cover on Pitch Perfect)
  • “Dance Me to the End of Love” — The Civil Wars (bonus track on the album, Barton’s Hollow)
  • “January Wedding” — The Avett Brothers
  • “Laundry Room” — The Avett Brothers
  • “Let It Be Me” — Ray LaMontagne
  • “5 Years Time” — Noah & The Whale (Is it pessimistic or optimistic? It’s hard to tell, but we love it.)
  • “I Saw You Blink” — Stornoway
  • “Run Away” — Sarah Jarosz

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