Lena Dunham: Anne Hathaway pro, Seth MacFarlane no

Feb 28, 2013 at 12:55 p.m. ET

Fed up with the "Hathahaters" who make fun of everything about Anne Hathaway from her haircut to her acceptance speeches, Lena Dunham strikes back via Twitter.

Lena Dunham at Writer's Guild Awards

Lena Dunham has a message for the "Hathahaters" who have been roundly mocking Oscar winner Anne Hathaway on blogs and Twitter: Back off, and focus on celebs who really harm women.

"Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth," Dunham wrote. "Let's save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren't advancing the cause."

The message got some uncomplimentary feedback, with respondents tweeting things like "Katherine Heigl and Lena Dunham are taking up too much space for me to add Anne Hathaway to my hate list," "Anne Hathaway and Lena Dunham on the phone for six hours saying 'No you hang up!'" and "FYI, disliking Anne Hathaway is not cool anymore. Disliking Lena Dunham? Apparently still ok."

Dunham crankily responded, "Hey ragers. 'The ones who aren't advancing the cause' I mentioned aren't always, or mostly, women. Case in point: I saw your boobs."

In other words, hate Seth MacFarlane, not Anne Hathaway.

MacFarlane has been taking considerable heat for his Oscar song stylings, including Jezebel's Lindy West dismissing the song as "tacky jokes from a dancing cartoonist," Vulture noting that MacFarlane's stint was "a black-tie celebration of the straight white male gaze" and The New Yorker writing that the host's jokes drove home the point that women in Hollywood are "for dating men in Hollywood, until the men decided that they're too old."

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Salon and other outlets also noted that many of the boob-displaying scenes referenced in "We Saw Your Boobs" were actually scenes in which women were getting sexually assaulted, such as Jodie Foster's rape scene in The Accused.

For Hathaway's part, she's getting hated on for nothing more than the vague conclusion that she seems smug. Yeah, that doesn't look so bad next to rape jokes.

Hathaway told Us Weekly that the haters do bother her, but she tries to brush it off: "I live my life with love. I live my life with compassion. I live my life hoping the best for absolutely everyone, no matter how they feel about me. And when you live that way, it's amazing how beautiful every day can be."

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