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New Girl’s Hannah Simone talks cats, fondue and why Schmidt doesn’t deserve Cece

We have a New Girl Crush! The gorgeous Hannah Simone talks life, love and New Girl‘s success with SheKnows.

Hannah Simone

Zooey’s not the
only quirky girl

We have a New Girl Crush! The gorgeous Hannah Simone talks life, love and New Girl‘s success with SheKnows.

Though she was a model — and plays one on TV — New Girl‘s Hannah Simone is so much more than a pretty face. When we sat down with Simone recently on a beautiful Los Angeles day, it was her animated and relatable personality that had us hooked, more than her obvious good looks.

While her dream has always been acting, Hannah worked as a model from the age of 13 after being discovered in her home country of Cyprus, served as a VJ for MuchMusic (Canada’s version of MTV), and worked for the United Nations. Clearly, the girl is smart… and likes to travel!

Now, as the beloved Cece on Fox’s hit show New Girl, Hannah has returned to her passion: Acting. If you’re a fan, then you know that the Cece/Schmidt relationship has been a captivating story line for the past two seasons. Cece, best friend to Zooey Deschanel‘s character Jess, ends up dating Jess’ roommate, Schmidt (Max Greenfield), then breaking up with him, then dating/breaking up again. Meanwhile, Cece’s mom wants her to settle down with a nice Indian man. So does Hannah think these two will end up together — regardless of the fact that Cece got engaged this week!? The actress lets us in on her thoughts and shows us her real character behind the character.

Hannah Simone


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Girl Crush Quickie

Who is your girl crush?

My grandma.

Who is your style icon?

Audrey Hepburn.

Favorite way to pamper yourself?

Hanging out by the beach with a good book and a sandwich.

Must-have beauty product?

An eyelash curler. It just opens up your eyes.

Part you’re dying to play?

I guess I’m not dying to play this, but it would be fun… an action hero.

Favorite New Girl saying?

“Shut up, Schmidt.” But said with love, and an eye roll!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up — what’s your lucky charm?


7 Dirty Little Secrets


I love fondue. And basically just melted cheese and bread, on a fork, in my mouth.


I watch any and all reality TV. I don’t discriminate. You name it, I watch it.


I lie about how much sleep I get. At an interview this morning, they asked if I was well rested. I said I was, but I was taping till 5 a.m. that morning!


I love pajamas and have a lot of them since I lived in Canada. Sometimes I stay in my PJs all day.


I use drugstore beauty products. I will try anything once… well, except for animal intestines or something.


I used to have a major crush on Brian Austin Green. Everyone else was obsessed with Luke or Jason but for me, it was all Brian. And now he’s with Megan Fox, so that says it all.


I still sometimes sleep with a hall light on. It’s less weird than a night light, right?

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