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Justin Bieber’s X tattoo: Freshly inked for Christ

Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo may look like a simple letter ‘X,’ but the fresh ink has great meaning to the pop star. Find out both the what — and where — regarding the 18-year-old’s latest bit of body art.

The Buzz – Justin Bieber Adds to his Body’s Masterpiece
Justin Bieber showed off some new artwork on his left arm.

Justin Bieber’s ‘X’ tattoo is not just a bold design to mark the spot. Rather, the singer’s latest ink addition is one of many that pay tribute to his faith.

Shedding light on the 18-year-old’s latest tattoo, the Daily Mail reports that what looks like the letter ‘X’ is in fact the Greek letter ‘Chi’ — which means Christ.

The solid black design, which is located on Justin Bieber‘s left forearm, just below the feet of his owl tattoo (visible here in a photograph from Feb. 24) joins many previous pieces of spiritual importance.

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Other pieces dedicated to faith include a pair of praying hands on Justin Bieber’s left calf and an image of Jesus on his right.

A photo recently posted to Instagram shows the praying hands on the singer’s left calf includes a ring of roses, while he also has a crown on the left side of his chest and the Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm.

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In addition, the bare-bottomed star has the album title Believe on his arm, a Roman numeral and a crown near his shoulder, a hockey mascot on the back of his shoulder (the logo for the Stratford Cullitons) and let’s not forget his very first ink, received at the tender age of 16: a bird on the hip!

At the rate he’s going, the Kid’s Choice Awards nominee is soon going to run out of prime real estate for ink! It’s getting harder with every tattoo reveal to believe he’s not going for that “Sixteenth Chapel” look.

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