Jack Nicholson crashes Jennifer Lawrence interview

Feb 25, 2013 at 11:46 p.m. ET

Jennifer Lawrence has a new fan, but she didn't expect it to be 75-year-old Jack Nicholson who crashed her Good Morning America interview.

JenniferLawrenceInterviewJennifer Lawrence won of a legion of new fans at Sunday night's Oscars. She charmed the audience as she swiftly recovered from her fall up to the stage and the Best Actress winner also charmed an older gentleman.

That older gentleman would be none other than three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson.

Lawrence was being interviewed by Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos at the Governors Ball after the ceremony. Just as the morning anchor was asking a question, he noticed someone lurking in the background.

That's when Nicholson crashed the interview.

Stephanopoulos points out to the Lawrence, "Oh, you've got a fan here."

That opening allowed The Shining actor to jump in and heap praise upon the 22-year-old. He said, "Such a beautiful job. I know I'm crashing your interview."

Lawrence looked genuinely shocked and a bit embarrassed as the legendary actor complimented her. She clasped her hands over her mouth and giggled, "Oh, my god!"

Nicholson didn't seem to want to leave the Silver Linings Playbook actress as he lingered for a moment in the background.

Lawrence asks, "Is he still here?" as she felt his presence behind her.

The 75-year-old ladies' man joked, "I'll be waiting."

Then the quick-witted gal quipped, "I need a rear view mirror."

JLaw better be prepared for more surreal moments like this because her life just changed overnight with that Oscar win.

Then, as she was taking her Nicholson exchange all in, Jennifer Garner waved at her pal.

Lawrence waved back and laughed, "This is my life now. 'Hey Jack, hey Jennifer. How are you?'"

Get used to it, JLaw, you are officially an A-lister now!

See the video of Jack Nicholson crashing the interview.

Image courtesy of Apega/WENN.com