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Music review: Thomas Fiss “Breathe

When someone you love closes up his heart, how long are you willing to wait for him to let you back in? This featured single exposes the dilemma (from a guy’s point of view).

Thomas Fiss

A seasoned professional

Sometimes when I find new music, I assume the artists must be new to the industry just because I’ve never heard of them. What arrogance. This is what happened with Thomas Fiss’ single, “Breathe.”

To my surprise, I found an IMDb profile for Fiss. He performed on Broadway when he was only 13 years old in The Full Monty and started off in a boy band called Varsity Fanclub until he broke off to become a solo artist in 2009. Music Video Submissions pegs him as a “triple threat.” Apparently, besides singing and acting, he can also play instruments.

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Fiss sounds like he’s had a lot of experience, and a man with experience means he knows what he’s doing. Although not a brand-new release, this song clearly hasn’t reached full stride because it hasn’t infected the radio waves (yet). His vocals are dynamic and weave seamlessly throughout the song.

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Fiss’ range is extensive. He can sound almost androgynous, hitting high notes one moment, then come back down to gruff pleading in another.

Fall-ing in love

An autumn backdrop (to attest to the changing feelings, perhaps?) and a pretty woman (do they always have to be?!) running seemingly forever to a contemplative Fiss is the perfect setup for a longing love song. She runs so long that it’s almost comical, which means the recently premiered video is worth watching, too. The song is both about an ultimatum and a lover’s patience:

“Breathe, baby just breathe
You better tell me what you need
Speak up before I leave”

There are moments in the track where Fiss’ voice sounds like Justin Bieber, then transitions with the attitude of a One Republic song. How is this song not more popular? Come on, people!

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“Breathe” was produced by Gabe Luiz and Thomas Fiss, and recorded in Los Angeles. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

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