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Charlie Sheen helps Lindsay Lohan again

Charlie Sheen really wants to get Lindsay Lohan back on track. He’s given her money, hooked her up with designer clothes and now he’s hired her to play his love interest on his show.


Charlie Sheen is coming to Lindsay Lohan‘s rescue again by hiring her for his FX show Anger Management. Lohan is set to play Sheen’s love interest on the comedy show.

However, the troubled actress won’t have to do much acting, she will play herself in the episode. Her “character” will have a romantic liaison with Sheen’s character, an anger management therapist, even though she’s his patient.

This isn’t the first time the duo has wound up in bed together on set. They are co-starring in the upcoming film, Scary Movie 5. It was rumored that Lohan refused to kiss Sheen during the scene, causing a series of on-set rewrites.

After working together, the Anger Management star gave the starlet $100,000 to help her pay off some of her tax bill. Reportedly, the Freaky Friday star owes about $234,000 to the IRS.

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Sheen really is trying to give the girl a chance. He even vouched for her to borrow a designer dress to the recent amfAR event in New York City. Unfortunately, Lohan returned the dress in tatters.

If anyone understands a second chance, it is definitely the former bad boy. Even though he lost his job on Two and a Half Men in 2011, FX gambled with employing the actor again. Anger Management had a strong first season on the cable channel. Season 2 just debuted in January.

Both Lohan’s episode and Scary Movie 5 will debut in April.

Do you think this will be Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback?

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