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Actresses upset over “We Saw Your Boobs”… or were they?

Seth MacFarlane sang a rather politically incorrect song at the Oscars (did we expect any less from him?), which left some actresses upset and embarrassed… at least according to Twitter. The pre-recorded spoof apparently looked real enough for social media to worry about it.

Seth MacFarlane got a second chance. The Oscars host is the creator of and an actor on one of the most politically incorrect shows on broadcast TV (Family Guy), and no one knew what to expect when he was announced as the awards ceremony host. But the show decided to take those worries and run with them.

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In MacFarlane’s opening introduction to the show, William Shatner joined him — as Captain Kirk. The captain tried to help MacFarlane not screw up his first Oscar-hosting gig. He showed the host videos from the future about what he did to get bad reviews.

The first video he showed him was a song called “We Saw Your Boobs,” which listed the actresses who have showed their chest in past movies. Some of the names included Meryl Streep, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway. When Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron were mentioned, the camera panned to those actresses for their reactions (Lawrence’s reaction was an excited protestation that she has never showed her boobs in film). Or that is what some people seemed to think.

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“These girls are gonna kill Seth McFarland for this song.#wesawyourboobs #deathstares,” Twitter user  ?@briannasloan said.

?@_AshleyRLokken agreed, tweeting, “Omg these actresses are so pissed #wesawyourboobs”

@Alex_Belcastro said, “Hahahahahaha #wesawyourboobs those women didn’t look to happy.”

Now, the reactions by the actresses were obviously pre-taped, because all of them were wearing different dresses than they are wearing Oscars night. But it took a while for many people to catch on.

The Oscars are attempting to reach a new audience — and even tried to get in on the fun — through Twitter.

The Academy ?(at @TheAcademy) tweeted, “If #WeSawYourBoobs isn’t trending in 5 minutes, then Twitter is probably broken. #Oscars.”

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Piers Morgan tweeted his support for MacFarlane’s song, saying, “This is unbelievably, unacceptably, gob-smackingly, hilariously inappropriate. Keep going. @SethMacFarlane #WeSawYourBoobs.”

The song ended with MacFarlane singing with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (which Shatner then told him he would be joining in 2015).

Despite the people who hated the song (which so far doesn’t seem like many), some saw the bright side.

Twitter user ?@Morrisaurus17 tweeted, “Seth McFarlane just gave me a huge list of movies to go see#WeSawYourBoobs.”

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