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Editor’s video pick: Olly Murs “Army of Two

Olly Murs’ latest video multiplies his charm and subsequently sets him apart.

Causing some troubleOlly Murs

It seems like just yesterday I reviewed “Troublemaker” and already I’ve found myself enamored of this musician. Olly Murs has just released his music video for “Army of Two.”

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While I wasn’t entirely convinced he had the fervor or style to compete with other heavyweights who are on fire right now (Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Adam Levine, etc.), he steps up his game to make me reconsider. His voice is what got him noticed, but this video is what will get him the ladies.

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Two for one

The song is an anthem for couples to stay on the path to success and longevity. But the video really kept my attention because I’ve never been more attracted or fascinated by Mr. Murs.

The video starts with a lonely Murs walking toward the camera when suddenly he begins multiplying and there’s a whole army of “Olly.”

Why is this so interesting?

You can’t help but notice all his positive traits — you’ll quickly forget the song and focus on the fact this video is like a coming-out ceremony. It’s as though you’re bound and forced to witness all the different sides of him: how clean-cut he is, how smooth he is, how endearing he is and most importantly — how skilled he is. Bursting to the brim with swag and the mouthful of sparkling white teeth had me pegging him as a scruffier Timberlake. Big shoes to fill, but the thought seriously crossed my mind.

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Hit Zone Online reported that this video was filmed in January and Olly had teased his fans with snippets of behind-the-scenes photo since then. Hopefully the masses are pleased with his dapper performance!

What do you think, readers? Does he have what it takes to make it as big as the other artists in his genre?

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