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Live in the spotlight: How to karaoke like a star

If the idea of crooning in front of a crowd makes you nervous because you last went to a karaoke bar in 1998, we have a few ideas on how to feel confident and stylish while singing your heart out like a rock star.

Get your sing on
Woman doing Karaoke

Karaoke tip #1: Get the look

Even if Beyonce’s epic Super Bowl 2013 performance is the source of your resurrected interest in karaoke, save your tiny leather bodysuit for mixing things up in the boudoir instead. You can still channel your inner diva by flaunting hints of metallic or neon in your karaoke outfit. These bold colors are on-trend for the spring season and they’re definitely edgy and sexy. We like the idea of a fitted metallic blouse with skinny jeans and neon pumps. Beyonce will have nothing on you!

Karaoke tip #2: Play with makeup

Green eyeshadow

While a natural look is always a safe bet, spring trends are beginning to feature bold jewel tones for the face and nails. Try out just one bright color at a time, and have fun with it! The dark lighting in karaoke bars is more forgiving than daylight, so feel free to experiment with plum lipstick of midnight blue eyeliner. Metallic silver swept across your eyelids is also an easy way to update your look with a touch of glamour. Besides, giving yourself an outrageous new look just might be what you need to gain outrageous confidence on the karaoke stage (Hey, Beyonce channels her inner Sasha Fierce, right? So why shouldn’t you?!).

Karaoke tip #3: Choose your song wisely

When you arrive at a karaoke bar, the extensive list of available songs may feel overwhelming. The key to a good karaoke selection is to find a tune that will show off your vocal talents without looking like you’re trying too hard. As a general rule, try to stay away from artists like Celine Dion or Josh Groban. Save their ballads for singing in your car or shower because nothing good will ever come from singing “My Heart Will Go On” in front of strangers.

Of course, you can always head to a karaoke bar and page through the lists until you find a song that’s just right. But if you like to feel prepared, check out a few well-known ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s hits that are within your vocal range. The more recognizable the song, the more likely it is that the crowd will croon with you. Remember, you’re trying to project an image that says, “I’m casual, I’m sexy and I’m here to party,” rather than “I’m desperate to be discovered by a talent agent and/or man.”

Karaoke tip #4: Find the right venue

Believe it or not, several creative entrepreneurs maintain websites that exist solely to help avid karaoke singers find the perfect venue whenever they have an itch to belt out Def Leppard. Next time you find yourself with the karaoke urge, you can head to one of these websites to find a bar. If you’re a little nervous about going to a karaoke bar that’s featured on an official karaoke website lest you find yourself an amateur surrounded by die-hards, Yelp also has up-to-date karaoke listings for a city near you.

And if you are, in fact, a die-hard, Travel and Leisure Magazine features a compilation of the best karaoke bars in America so you could possibly plan a whole vacation around drinking and singing off tune. Fun!

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