Editor's video pick: Phillip Phillips "Gone, Gone, Gone"

Feb 24, 2013 at 4:24 p.m. ET

Sometimes all you need to do to prove to someone you love them is to not leave them.

Phillip Phillips"Gone" but not forgotten

You may remember him as the Season 11 American Idol winner, and now Phillip Phillips has released his music video for "Gone, Gone, Gone." It's riddled with romantic sentiment, and the video is as stirring as the song.

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Shot in Missouri and California, Just Jared Jr. quoted the director of the video, Joseph Toman, as saying, "It’s a celebration of life, and hopefully something that everyone can find something in to relate to.”

Fond memories

There's a calming sense of peace in the music video that whisks you away. Between scenes of Phillips singing are old pictures of couples, grainy video clips and fuzzy references to childhood — all amounting to a very dream-like ambiance.

The video alternates focus on one particular beautiful woman to shots of random people of all ages expressing their love. Phillips sings about a timeless love, and the video shows love through every age and at every step.

The cinematography is delicate and genuine, and seems to be very in tune with the style of the artist himself. He has a John Mayer vibe, without the sleaze. And do any of you think he looks a bit like Klaus from The Vampire Diaries?

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The Hollywood Reporter notes that this video is also about people sticking together through the troubling times, which is ironic since Phillips recently had to deal with a DUI incident with his mother. The same source also reveals his parents recently separated and a family pawn shop is having "financial troubles" and he's declined to bail them out. This Idol alum certainly hasn't had an easy few months, but hopefully his viewpoint on love isn't affected. Besides, he does have a reason to celebrate — Just Jared Jr. reported that Phillips is currently on tour with the remarkable band Matchbox Twenty.

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Watch and let us know what you think!

Photo courtesy of Dominic Chan/WENN.com

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