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Editor’s video pick: Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love

Ever wonder if there was a formula to make yourself the perfect companion? Cher Lloyd’s sorcery found a way, so step into her castle and find out how she does it!

Cher LloydEver watched The Craft?

It was a teen movie from the ’90s that I can remember first made witchcraft sexy and empowering. Now, witches are no longer the green, big-nosed monsters of the past I mean how hot was Emmy Rossum in Beautiful Creatures (is it obvious I have a huge girl crush)?

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Take that sexiness and contrast it with the bubbly personality we’ve all come to know and love Cher Lloyd for, and you have her latest music video for “With Ur Love”.

An ethereal princess with a vampy dark side is on the lookout for love and she relies on her loyal coven to help recruit the perfect man. They invite handsome men over to extract their favorite traits and brew them into the ideal mate (how very siren-like of them). It appears they’re successful by the end of the video — however, I never got to see his face! Perhaps he looks like David Beckham

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Positive reception

The part-angel, part-temptress is adorned with corsets, luxurious dresses and accessories my favorite being a dazzling jeweled headpiece. Her outfits are responsible for most of the video’s charm, as it excites both the fairytale-loving and the gown-adoring fashionista.

While Cher Lloyd often reminds me of her mentor Cheryl Cole, her evolution as an artist has her breaking off into her own style — as marked by this video and others recently.

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Miss Lloyd’s website is ablaze with comments on her new video, and Perez Hilton (whom I usually disagree with) put it best: “We’ve never seen our beloved Cher take on such a FIERCELY sexy look.” He couldn’t be more spot on. Witness Cher balancing charming innocence and wicked temptress below!

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the video — were you bedazzled, too?

Photo courtesy of FayesVision/

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