Kelly Osbourne's embarrassing bathroom accident

Feb 22, 2013 at 12:38 p.m. ET

The Fashion Police star certainly is accident-prone, and her latest whoopsie is a doozy.

Kelly Osbourne for Topshop

People trip and sprain their ankles every day. But most people don't do it while trying to avoid falling into a toilet.

"Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain," Kelly Osbourne tweeted Wednesday, along with a photo of her green-toenailed foot encased in a black surgical boot. "I was faced w/ spraining my ankle or eating the toilet! Guess what I picked?"

The Fashion Police star elaborated on the incident: "It was right next to the toilet & not screwed to the floor properly so the heel of my shoe went through it & got stuck!"

Um, oof. Maybe you should take a leaf from the Japanese book and have special slippers you wear into the bathroom? Because those stiletto heels seem to be doing you wrong.

Osbourne, who tweets under the handle MissKellyO, wrote that she couldn't bear the idea of falling face first into the toilet, but she was "now questioning my decision due to the pain!!!!"

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This is far from the first time the famous Osbourne progeny has had an oddball accident. In July, she was hit in the face when an airline passenger in front of her reclined too abruptly.

"Really? The a--hole in front of me almost knocked me out putting her seat back," she tweeted at the time. "Might get a black eye."

Then in 2011, Osbourne fell out of a hotel bed while asleep, fracturing her hand in three places.

"I must be the most accident prone/stupid person in the world," she tweeted after that incident.

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