Elizabeth Taylor's jewels have female stars drooling

Feb 20, 2013 at 8:51 p.m. ET

Jewelry from the collection of the late Elizabeth Taylor brought stars flocking to the Bulgari event in Beverly Hills Tuesday night. Check out Julianne Moore modeling a $6.1 million piece below!

Julianne Moore

Elizabeth Taylor's jewels have the rich and famous making their way to Bulgari's Beverly Hills location. There, eight pieces from the late star's collection are currently on display.

Julianne Moore had the honor of wearing the $6.1 million emerald-and-diamond Bulgari creation seen here, which was given to Elizabeth Taylor as a wedding gift from Richard Burton in 1964.

The 52-year-old Moore, who earned our nod for best dressed at the Golden Globes, is the first person to wear the piece since Elizabeth Taylor herself! Taylor died in 2011 at age 79 of congestive heart failure.

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New mom Drew Barrymore also attended the Bulgari event and gushed to reporters about Elizabeth Taylor: "Well, I think it's amazing to see what she personally, and Richard Burton, created for their lives. I think it's about seeing a moment where they responded to something and purchased it. I'm so curious as to what made their pupils dilate."

Kirsten Dunst added with a laugh, "Richard Burton really got [Elizabeth Taylor] some beautiful jewelry, so she has good taste in men, that's for sure!"

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After rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, as well as setting eyes on the collection herself, Dina Gachman noted for Forbes, "The jewels aren't for sale, which is kind of nice. If you love Elizabeth Taylor it's not about how much they cost; it's about remembering how completely fabulous she was. Talented, outspoken, gutsy, and, of course, breathtaking."

Are you envious of those who are seeing (and wearing!) Elizabeth Taylor's prized jewels?

Image via WENN