Trump threatens suit over wicked-popular Dump Trump

Feb 20, 2013 at 5:58 p.m. ET

Donald Trump is threatening to sue the man behind the Dump Trump petition, which strongly urges Macy's to cut ties with the Celebrity Apprentice star. In a seething letter, the billionaire's legal team names the amount they believe is owed in damages.

Donald Trump and family

Another day, another threat of a lawsuit from Donald Trump. The 66-year-old, who can prove he's not part orangutan, is now taking aim at the creator of an online petition that urges retail chain Macy's to cut ties with the Celebrity Apprentice star.

While the petition has become wildly popular, with over 685,000 people having added their names to the list, it's also caught the attention of the billionaire mogul and his legal team. Alan Garten, Donald Trump's attorney, has sent a letter to Angelo Carusone, the person responsible for starting the Dump Trump petition at

Trump will sue Carusone for damages "not less than $25,000,000" if he continues his campaign.

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"While you claim to be merely exercising your right to free speech, your egregious, pre-meditated and illegal conduct far exceeds anything protected by the Constitution," a letter from Donald Trump's attorney, dated Dec. 27, reads.

"Rather than simply engage in lawful protest, you have apparently made it your mission to interfere with and intentionally disrupt Mr. Trump's longstanding and well-established business relationship with Macy's as well as his contractual dealings with other third parties through mob-like bullying and coercion."

In a statement, Dump Trump petition creator Angelo Carusone responded to the suit threat by saying, "Donald Trump's attempt to silence me will not work. I've dealt with enough bullies and know better than to succumb to intimidation. By threatening me, Trump is only reinforcing the point that we've been trying to get Macy's to recognize: that Trump's brand is consequence-free bullying and chicanery; it shouldn't be rewarded."

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Taking the feud to Twitter Wednesday, Donald Trump attacked Carusone, tweeting, "My ties & shirts at Macy’s are doing great. Stupid @GoAngelo is making people aware of how good they are!"

Contradicting his lawyer's claims that damages were done, the curiously coiffed man pictured above with wife Melania and son Barron in January added, "Looks like a lawsuit against GoAngelo won’t work—my ties & shirts doing too well at Macy’s--he's actually helping. I have no damages!"

Do you think Donald Trump is right to sue over the Dump Trump petition?

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