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Paula Patton and Elmo take on “innovation” on Sesame Street

Paula Patton stops by Sesame Street Thursday searching for a new and different way to teach the word “innovation.”

Paula Patton stops by Sesame Street.

The gorgeous Paula Patton stops by Sesame Street Thursday to help Elmo and viewers understand the word “innovation.” (That’s a pretty big word for a toddler). The skit is creative and fun as Elmo tells Patton he wants to explain the word “innovation” in a “new and different way.” Ah — we see what you did there, Elmo! Clever.

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Paula Patton — who is married to handsome soul singer Robin Thicke — helps Elmo as he first brings out a handmade tablet, the Word-O-Pad that says the word of the day while making sure to clearly emphasize the syllables of the word. But wait! Elmo doesn’t stop there — he wants to think of more “new and different” ways to say “innovation.” (Taking a dig at Apple, Elmo remarks, “The Word-O-Pad is so thirty seconds ago.”)

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So the newer innovation to say the word “innovation?” A Word-O-Bot! The upgraded tool is quickly not enough for Elmo who now says he needs an even newer way to say the word of the day. When Elmo returns as the Dancing Elmo-Bot, Paula and Dancing Elmo-Bot dance as Elmo sings the word of the day to viewers. Pretty creative.

Check out the full skit with Paula Patton and Elmo below.

Photo courtesy of Copyright 2012 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.

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