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Taylor Swift hit with lawsuit over canceled concert

Taylor Swift has been slapped with a lawsuit for pocketing $2.5 million for a concert that never happened.

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Taylor Swift will be partying at the Brit Awards tonight, but her lawyers aren’t in such a jolly mood. The crossover singing sensation has been slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly pocketing a huge chunk of cash for a concert that never happened.

Swift was supposed to perform at the Capital Hoedown in Ottawa, Canada, in August 2012 for the tidy sum of $2.5 million — but the show was canceled because the organizers were bad at organizing. The concert never came together and the ticket company was forced to refund $1.8 million to buyers.

Now that company thinks Swift should be the one footing the bill — not because she had anything to do with the cancellation (she didn’t), but because she never actually performed due to the organizers’ own negligence.

Boiling that down, they want Swift to pay for their mistake.

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If Swift did actually foot the bill she would still walk away with $700,000 for doing exactly nothing, but her peeps are not so quick to throw a check out there. Her rep told TMZ that she never made any kind of refund agreement with the ticket company, nor has she even seen the lawsuit.

The 23-year-old has much bigger fish to fry, like making recent ex Harry Styles eat his heart out during her performance at the 2013 Brit Awards tonight and trying to beat out Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys and Cat Power for Best International Female Solo Artist. Will she repeat her Grammys dis?

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