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Our Bachelor prediction (plus, ABC already told us)

Desiree got the bachelor boot (gasp), leaving us to wonder if Sean didn’t want to get involved with a family that had a creepy, confrontational brother in it, if Sean didn’t think Des’ ex-boyfriend prank was all that funny or if she ripped one off camera. We’ll find out tonight! In the meantime, we’re sticking our neck out and making a Bachelor prediction (plus, ABC told us!)…

Sean Lowe The Bachelor


Please give us an “amen” if you’re shocked that Catherine is still in the running. She’s cute and funny and all but are any of you feeling her as much as you have some of the other girls (okay, that sounds wrong)? During the “hometown visit” Monday night, we met Catherine’s sweet but conservative mom who wasn’t about to give Sean the matrimonial green light, and her precious grandma who wanted Sean for herself. We also met her sisters who portrayed Catherine as fun but fickle, very happy but at times very “focused” (we’re surprised Sean didn’t bolt when they used the word “moody”) and messy. We’re just getting the vibe that Catherine is not in the same place when it comes to marriage and family that Sean is. Catherine, we love you sweetie, but please pack your bags. The limo is waiting.


Isn’t AshLee the kind of girl every mom wants for her son? She’s beautiful and smart and loving. But how many times does Mom’s choice win? Exactly. Sean seems to care deeply for AshLee (she’s one of the ones he’s “crazy about”), and we have no doubt she’d make excellent wife and mother material. Still, that’s one emotional little package right there. She’s not a drama queen, and has taken her painful childhood on the chin and become, from what we can see, a well-adjusted person in spite of it all. But we do see a lot of waterworks from AshLee. Most men don’t dig emotional women (when was the last episode of The Bachelor when we didn’t see AshLee tear up?). We love AshLee and would be thrilled if Sean chose her, but since we are here to make a prediction, we think all that blubbering may be her one-way ticket out the door. Sorry, Ash! Fingers crossed she gets to be the next Bachelorette.


Here we have a winner! Little Lindsay made us roll our eyes a bit when she stepped out of the limo in a wedding dress, but maybe she knew something we didn’t. Perhaps her crazy introduction to Sean was an omen. (We can see their televised wedding now, with Lindsay wearing the same dress she wore when she arrived to the bachelorette pad.) You could tell Sean’s testicles were in his throat at the thought of meeting Lindsay’s two-star-general dad. But the boys had a few beers, and after a couple shoulder pumps all was well. Lindsay is grounded and seems to have what it takes to have a solid future with Sean — once you take away the exotic locales, the alcohol and the cameras. More than that, while searching for a clip for this article after it was written, look what we found! An ABC promo of The Bachelor before it began, with a shot of Lindsay getting out of the limo in a wedding dress, and the voice-over says, “[one of the girls] will go all the way.” Nailed it!

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