Country singer Mindy McCready remembered in song

Feb 18, 2013 at 6:02 p.m. ET

With Mindy McCready's death at age 37 this weekend, the country music world has lost one of its own far too soon. We honor the legacy McCready left behind by looking back at some of her biggest hits.

Country Singer Mindy McCready

"Guys Do It All the Time"

Arguably McCready’s biggest hit, “Guys Do It All the Time” topped the Billboard singles chart in 1996. A veritable she-power anthem, the song flipped the script on men everywhere — guys can stay out late drinkin’ and carryin’ on, so why can’t women? It’s hard not to love McCready’s stick-it-to-'em sentiment when she charges: Get over it honey, life’s a two way street/Or you won’t be a man of mine/So I had some beers with the girls last night/Guys do it all the time.


"Ten Thousand Angels"

I can tell he’s gonna ask me to dance/But that’s not as far as he wants to go/I need ten thousand angels/To help me tell him no. Oh, sweetie, we’ve all been there before! Sometimes it takes more than a little willpower to keep your wits about you when your crush is a-calling. McCready’s plea for divine intervention landed her on the Top Ten singles chart for “Ten Thousand Angels.” Recorded nearly two decades ago now, the song still resonates with fans for its flirty lyrics and McCready’s lilting delivery of them.


"A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)"

If you’ve recently gone through a bad breakup, chances are you’ve found your way to McCready’s Top Ten single “A Girl’s Gotta Do (What a Girl’s Gotta Do).” If you haven’t, girl, get on it! This song will help you put down the box of chocolates, slide on that sexy red dress and treat yourself to a night on the town — in spite of that silly ex who didn’t have the sense to hang onto your fine a**. And if you just so happen to run into said schmuck? Well, take a page from McCready’s book and tell the sorry sap to “give me a call sometime real soon/and remind me to remember/to forget about you!”


"You'll Never Know"

Leave it to a woman to bear her suffering in silence. We all know how it goes — the breakup, followed by the inevitable “I don’t love you anymore” song and dance. McCready softens the blow of being the only one left in love in a relationship with this spirited song about beckoning your best I’m-doing-just-fine smile during awkward run-ins with the ex: You'll never know I'll never find another/That could take your place/Cause I'll be smiling when I see you/No my tears won't ever show/Yeah I might always love you/But you'll never know.


"Maybe He'll Notice Her Now" with Richie McDonald

Listening to McCready’s duet with Riche McDonald now, the lyrics take on new meaning. Verses such as “Maybe he’ll notice her now/Maybe he’ll open his eyes/Sometimes it takes somebody leaving/For a man to realize” serve as a sad reminder of the singer’s untimely death and the demons she had long been battling. You've got our attention now, Mindy... you will surely be missed.

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