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Girls recap: What boys are like

Girls takes a peek inside the minds of their boys. It’s scary in there!

Girls' Ray with Dog/Mikey

This week Girls took a brief departure from its mostly girl-themed storyline to focus on the boys in their lives. Along the way, though, we watched as the girls tried to figure out and maintain their friendships. Here’s how it all went down…

Ray and Adam take on Staten Island!

First, Hannah (always fixated on herself) leaves Ray’s copy of Little Women at Adam’s house. That may not seem like a big deal, but it was a pretty important book to Ray and contained notes from someone special. Hannah (understandably) refuses to retrieve the book and, after being ganged-up on by Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Shosh, Ray sets out to Adam’s to get back his book.

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The guys immediately butt heads and Ray is about to leave when Adam asks for backup in returning a dog he stole. Ray, ever the geeky guy, is pretty honored to be considered as backup and agrees to help out. One problem… the dog was from Staten Island. The guys have some pretty harsh feelings toward Staten Island. All of them are justified during their visit (and actually quite common among SI’s fellow New Yorkers).

Of course, the guys end up in a tussle involving Ray’s opinion of Hannah. After Adam describes her as an unwanted Tweety Bird stuffed animal, Ray agrees with some pretty harsh (though not completely inaccurate) things about Hannah. Suddenly, Adam’s pissed at Ray for talking about Hannah like that. Then, when Ray backs down, Adam accuses him of sleeping with Hannah. Eventually Adam storms off and leaves Ray with the dog. Further proof of what we knew all along: Adam is insane.

After meeting the dog’s owner, Ray ends up keeping the dog. He needs a bath, but he’s pretty cute. (The dog, not Ray. Ray always seems fairly clean.)

Hannah gains a mentor and sees the end of a friendship

Hannah and Marnie on Girls

Meanwhile, after a few essays and the incident with coke, Hannah has landed herself an e-book deal with one of her favorite editors. He’s a little weird. He goes on about not knowing what pistachios are and not quite getting Hannah’s generation, but she’s still pretty thrilled. The only downside is that he needs her book in a month.

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Another big bummer for Hannah has become her relationship with Marnie (Allison Williams, daughter of our favorite news anchor, Brian Williams!). The two “friends” have barely hung out recently and Marnie has taken forever to get back to Hannah to find out her news. When Hannah shows up at a party and tries to tell Marnie about her book deal, she’s once again blown off by her one-time best friend.

Even as Marnie’s “relationship” with Booth falls apart, she’s still too stubborn to admit it to Hannah. In the end, when Hannah tries once again to tell Marnie of her book deal, their line of communication falters. Both girls hang up the phone looking deflated and forlorn. For years they’ve treated each other awfully, but now that the end of their friendship is in sight, it seems pretty heart-wrenching.

Playing on the sidelines

Jessa is a mess. Despite always playing it cool and nonchalant, she fell hard for her husband. After that blow-up with his parents and their subsequent parting of ways, she’s incredibly depressed. Her depression comes out in the form of meanness towards Hannah. As if the girl doesn’t have enough on her plate.

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Meanwhile, Shoshana may be pushing a little too hard on Ray. When she suggests that he go to a speaking event to hear what Donald Trump has to say about becoming an entrepreneur, he refuses. He doesn’t want to be that kind of guy. Ray is content with slacking off and getting by on the bare minimum. Things seem destined to end between them. No matter how much we want to see otherwise.

We’re only a month into season two of Girls, so keep it here for all the latest recaps and news on the show.

Girls drinking game

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