SNL isn't giving up comedy for Lent

Feb 18, 2013 at 10:25 a.m. ET

Saturday Night Live serves up laughable Lent-inspired skits.

Christoph Waltz on SNL

Everyone is talking about the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. And they should be, too. It was one of the funniest in recent history.

Christoph Waltz, better known for his roles in movies such as Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, brought the comedy back toSNL. Opinions are still out on what surprised everyone the most.

Was it Waltz's fun-loving side that shined through in skits about creepy security guards and game show hosts who just want to dance? Or was it the two religious-themed skits that had Waltz portraying two of Christianity's biggest names?

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Of the two religion-inspired skits, DJesus Uncrossed was by far the most... disturbing (OK, and funny). In the fake movie trailer, Waltz dressed up as Jesus, complete with cross, returning from the dead to wreak havoc on the Romans who crucified him. Mr. Christ is one unhappy dude. Perhaps, one of the funniest moments came when a Roman bellowed, "Jesus H. Christ!" and his Lordship responded with, "The 'H' is silent." Jokes were made and limbs were severed all in the name of a Lent-inspired revenge flick skit and, you know what? It was really stinkin' funny.

The other skit that centered on religion focused on the latest news to shake the Catholic Church: Pope Benedict XVI's retirement. In the skit, "Papal Securities," the Pope is concerned about his future now that he's no longer living off the riches of Vatican City.

We see his Holiness (played by Waltz again) shuffling through overdue bills and lamenting a busted bag of groceries. The humor is heightened by the fact that a pope hasn't resigned since 1415. They usually die in office. So what exactly do you do with a former pope who is still very much alive? Will the Catholic Church offer him a pension? There's a lovely all-Catholic village in Southwest Florida... Will his Papal-ness retire there? Whatever happens, "Papal Securities" has his future in mind. Why? Because "heaven can wait."

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As you might imagine, not everyone is happy about the religious spoofs. This isn't the first time SNL has touched on serious matters. (They even got serious after Sandy Hook!) But people only ever remember the latest affront, right? Despite how funny they were, were they blasphemous or are naysayers overreacting?

Too Much?

Did SNL go too far this during their religion-themed skits? Tell us what you think below!

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