Did Mindy McCready commit suicide? Sources confirm it

Feb 17, 2013 at 10:16 p.m. ET

Mindy McCready has killed herself, according to sources. Initial rumors are now confirmed.

Mindy McCready

According to numerous sources, troubled country singer Mindy McCready, age 37, has committed suicide. The first report came by way of Twitter Sunday afternoon by Fox Nashville reporter Stacy McCloud, saying, "A close family friend of Mindy McCready has informed me that the country singer has committed suicide."

A little while later, she followed the tweet with a second one, saying, "The Mindy McCready suicide I told you about has now been confirmed from 4 different sources. A statement from the family is in the works."

The singer's boyfriend, 34-year-old David Wilson, also took his own life back in January, and McCready has been struggling since.

"David was my soulmate," she said in a statement at the time of Wilson's death. "He was a precious gift from God to all of us and, yesterday, he returned home and is now with his mother and father."

Soon after his death, she opened up to Dateline about how she was dealing with it.

"I've never gone through anything this painful," she said at the time. "Nor will I ever again go through anything as painful."

The couple also have a son, Zayne, who less than a year old and is now left parentless. In early February, a judge ruled that McCready’s children be removed from her home and for her to receive treatment for mental health issues.

"It was reported to me by DHS that they took custody of the kids this afternoon. They are in DHS custody at this point," said McCready’s attorney on Feb. 7.

McCready had a bright start as a country singer, with a double-platinum album right out of the gate. Since then though, she has struggled with failing albums and drug and alcohol issues and appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew a few years back. She has never fully recovered from those problems.

According to court documents, on Feb. 8 her father had her committed to a treatment facility, saying that she had tried to hit him and was not taking care of her children.

"Since boyfriend [David Wilson] shot himself she has been in bed for 3 wks," her father said to the court, according to Fox News. "Sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs. Not bathing or even helping take care of her 2 children."

The judge in the case agreed, writing that, "There is cause to find there is clear and convincing evidence that Respondent is in imminent danger of harm to herself or others, suicidal or gravely disabled."

According to Taste of Country, McCready was released from that facility three days later and was to undergo 21 days out of outpatient treatment.

UPDATE: McCready's death has been confirmed by the Cleburne County, Arkansas, sheriff and coroner. Details here.

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