Nicholas Hoult spills the beans on Jack the Giant Slayer

SheKnows climbed a beanstalk all the way to London to catch up with the cast and director of Jack the Giant Slayer. Find out what they had to say about shooting at a real royal palace, battling hundreds of giants, and the power of fairy tales.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult plays the title role in Jack the Giant Slayer, but his Jack does more than combat a single, towering oaf in this new version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

“In the original fairy tale, there’s only one giant. In this one, there’s a whole gang of them. Lots of them, there’s one with two heads and they talk and they communicate and they’re scary,” Hoult told us when we sat down to chat about the film.

When he’s not slaying giants with two heads, Jack is trying to earn the love of the beautiful and brave Princess Isabelle, played by the lovely British actress Eleanor Tomlinson. But this princess is no damsel in distress, considering she wears battle armor in the film.

“[Isabelle]’s not your average princess,” Tomlinson said. “She is searching for an adventure. She doesn’t want to be just married off and used as a piece on a chessboard. She wants to make a mark as her own person and that’s what’s fascinating about her.” 

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Two of the other films’ stars, Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci, also sat down with us to chat about fairy tales.

“They’re still very important,” McGregor said. “We still read fairy tales to our children. The stories somehow are timeless.” 

Tucci agreed, adding that one of the reasons they’re so popular in movies right now is because, “Now we can do things cinematically that we were never able to do before. And we can really bring things to life in a way that was never possible, so you can see giants and they really look incredibly real.”

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Director Bryan Singer, who’s best known for directing Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and X Men: First Class with Jennifer Lawrence, had his own take on fairy tales at the cinema.

“I think they’re sort of cautionary tales,” Singer told us. “The way they’re told makes them very accessible for children. They tell a morality tale, each one is different.” He gave us some examples, “Don’t take apples from strangers, be careful if you’re climbing up a beanstalk if you don’t know where it’s going to end up, that kind of thing.”

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Be sure to catch Jack the Giant Slayer in theaters March 1!

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