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Escape March with HGTV’s Hawaii Life

It’s freezing outside! You know where it’s never cold? Hawaii!

Hawaii Life sells not just homes but lifestyles

HGTV has really nailed it with their new show. As super-storms like Nemo rip through our country dumping feet of snow on some parts of the U.S., HGTV is offering up an escape. Their new show, Hawaii Life, will never show pictures of snow, ice or winter sports. Instead, it offers up views of lush beaches, stunning volcanos and some pretty gorgeous housing. It’s the prettiest and cheapest winter escape in existence.

Hawaii Life opens with the most motivating line on television. One of the Hawaii Life Realty brokers tells viewers, “You don’t have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it.”

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Hawaii Life sells not just homes but lifestyles

That’s definitely true, too. Recent episodes have included buyers like an avid scuba driver, a seventh-grade teacher and a couple of Washington transplants with twin daughters, all looking at houses with very middle-America selling prices ($300-500 thousand). Of course, there’s also the seemingly independently wealthy couple looking for something that sells for around $1 million. In most cases, the brokers from Hawaii Life Realty have been able to locate houses within the buyers’ budgets without causing them to sacrifice hardly any of their demands. Even better, all the homes come with spectacular views!

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According to HGTV a large amount of Hawaii Life Realty’s brokers aren’t even from the islands. They’re transplants, just like many of their buyers. Hawaii Life Realty has six offices scattered across the Hawaiian Islands and employs more than 125 Realtors. That’s pretty impressive, especially when you take into consideration that the firm has only been open for three years. Throughout the show, we’ve rarely seen buyers rushed and have never seen them expected to compromise on the amenities they wanted and prices they were willing to pay. That’s not just an indicator of a decent Hawaiian housing market but is a great “tell” that HLR has hired some truly thoughtful brokers.

HGTV is constantly showing new and old(ish) episodes of Hawaii Life. We guarantee that after just one episode, you’ll contemplate connecting with Hawaii Life Realty for a little property browsing of your own! If you can’t afford the move, though, just enjoy the view from HGTV.

Images courtesy of HGTV

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