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Celebrating friendship: An audiobook roundup

Did you know that February is International Friendship Month? Take a moment to be grateful for your BFFs. Then pick up your earbuds and celebrate the joys of women’s friendships by listening to a great audiobook.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Code Name Verity
Written by Elizabeth Wein
Narrated by Morven Christie and
Lucy Gaskell

War has a knack of bringing together the most unlikely pairings. Before World War II, Manchester native Maddie would have never had a chance to meet Verity, a Scotswoman from the upper classes. But when they connect in their wartime personas of pilot and wireless operator, they form the tightest of bonds. When a joint mission over occupied France goes horribly wrong and Verity is captured by Nazis, their friendship is tested in profound ways. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is a moving story of friendship and survival. The audiobook is brilliantly read by Morven Christie (Verity) and Lucy Gaskell (Maddie), whose accents, emotion and pacing make this an outstanding listen.

She Matters by Susanna Sonnenberg

She Matters: A Life in Friendships
Written by Susanna Sonnenberg
Read by the author

As the subtitle to She Matters implies, Susanna Sonnenberg remembers her life and her varied roles — as mother, wife and artist, for example — through the prism of some of her friendships. Through Sonnenberg’s stories, we get to know her friends as if they were our own, learning the details that make these types of relationships so important to who we are. More than a tribute to the joys of having someone to confide in, this book explores the complexities of our friendships, including jealousy and misunderstandings and how relationships change with motherhood. Read by the author in a clear and heartfelt style, this audiobook is one you’ll want to share your own BFFs.

Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler

Calling Me Home
Written by Julie Kibler
Read by Bhani Turpin and Lorna Raver

Sometimes there’s no clear reason why women become friends. That’s the case with 89-year-old Isabelle and her 30-something hairdresser, Dorrie. But when Isabelle needs someone to drive her from Texas to Ohio to attend a funeral, she knows whom to call. Over the course of their long road trip, the two women tell stories of their pasts, and Isabelle reveals a long-buried secret she’s finally ready to share with Dorrie. Julie Kibler’s Calling Me Home is a moving tale of love, friendship and times gone by. The audiobook is read by Lorna Raver (Isabelle) and Bhani Turpin (Dorrie), each of whom wonderfully captures the essence of her character to create an unforgettable listen.

Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

Hound Dog True
Written by Linda Urban
Read by Catherine Taber

Mattie is not looking forward to fifth grade; once again, she’s going to be the new kid at school. Her escape plan is to spend recess and lunch helping her uncle, the school janitor. All she wants is to be invisible—that is, until she gets to know the girl next door. Can Mattie trust that her friend will be loyal? Linda Urban’s Hound Dog True, geared to middle-grade readers, is a realistic look at how Mattie struggles to overcome her innate shyness so she can finally make a true friend. Narrator Catherine Taber’s youthful voice and inflections help listeners of all ages fully connect to this don’t-miss story of early friendship.

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What’s your favorite book about women’s friendships? Which one of our recommendations would you listen to first? Leave me a comment below!

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