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Drinking game: Watch Girls or pass out trying

Being a Girls fan can be brutal! We’ve got just what you need to get through the show.


With its continual straying from reality and way too much pasty skin, Girls is quickly becoming the show that millions of people hate to love. We can’t look away, though! We keep waiting for Hannah (Lena Dunham) to put her shirt on, Charlie to tell Marnie (Allison Williams) to shove it or Jessa (Jemima Kirke) to find out she has some awful STD (not because you want her to be sick but just because it seems so likely). It’s rough, we know. But we think we’ve got something that can help.

Enter the Girls drinking game!

First, you need a drink…

We scoured our sister site to find the perfect drink for watching Girls with your BFF. This is the one we thought was most fitting. (And also the one that will get you drunk the fastest.)

Three Stages of Friendship*
(10 servings)

3.3 oz Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee whiskey
3.3 oz tequila
3.3 oz 151 proof rum

*If you and your friend start fighting your way through the three stages of friendship, please discontinue the game.

GirlsThe rules

Take a shot any time…

  • Hannah and Marnie argue over who’s the better/worse friend
  • Shoshana doesn’t understand a reference
  • Charlie tries to get back together with Marnie
  • Jessa references her time spent traveling
  • Something completely unbelievable happens (e.g., Hannah is paid $200 per freelance piece)
  • Marnie gives that look and acts like she’s better than her friends
  • Adam says something insane
  • Ray smiles (This one is in celebration since it never happens!)

Take three shots anytime Hannah…

  • Takes off her shirt
  • Talks about how she’s unique/offbeat

(You’re going to need ’em, right?)

There you have it! We’ve given you everything you need to get through an episode of Girls, except for the shotglasses and the HBO subscription. Enjoy and remember… is not responsible for any injury, death, drunk text or booty call caused by playing this game.

What will you drink to when you watch Girls?

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