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Community recap: Haunted family reunion

The study group is in for scares, sex toys and surprise characters when they venture to Pierce’s mansion on Halloween.

Community Cast

It’s never too early (or late?) to bust out the scary creatures and slutty costumes. Community had their holidays mixed up this week so instead of a sweet Valentine’s Day episode we were treated to a haunted Halloween tale. That’s what happens when Community keeps getting postponed.

Operation: Free Pierce

When Pierce (Chevy Chase) traps himself in the panic room of his mansion, the study group is forced to venture into the tacky, cobwebbed home to free Pierce. If only he could remember that pesky security code.

Pierce has been having trouble — well, extra trouble — since his father died and Troy (Donald Glover) moved out. He hasn’t had any visitors, so Jeff (uber-sexy Joel McHale) considers this to be just another elaborate ploy for attention. But the rest of the group is ready to support the old man who is quickly losing what’s left of his mind.

At the mansion, Pierce instructs the group to break into teams to find his little red notebook that has the code in it. Before they go on their scavenger hunt, Pierce adds he also saw the ghost of his dead father just before locking himself in the panic room.

Inside the haunted mansion

As the teams search for the notebook, the house quickly becomes an homage to some of the scariest movies ever made. Ghosts appear in mirrors, human-like creatures try to escape through walls and a shadowy figure stands over Pierce’s bed for hours on security footage a la Paranormal Activity.

As scary as all that may be, the truly terrifying part is what the team encounters in the different rooms of the house. Troy and Shirley discover Pierce’s S&M room, a.k.a his “special gym.” Shirley is nearly on the verge of performing an exorcism, but Troy has no idea what it is. He can’t understand why he’s not allowed play on the indoor swing. He also thinks all the spiked collars must belong to secret dogs. This leads to Shirley trying to warn him not to let Britta (the elegant Gillian Jacobs) force him into anything wild. But innocent Troy still doesn’t get it.

Surprise characters

Meanwhile, Britta has managed to force Jeff into talking about his daddy issues when he suddenly blurts out that he’s found his father! He got hold of his number three weeks ago, but has been too afraid to call him. Will a series-long plotline finally get resolved?

When the group finds the code and frees Pierce, he admits it was all just a hoax because he wasn’t invited to a Halloween party. The shadowy figure over his bed, however, wasn’t planned. Turns out Pierce’s brother, Gilbert (Emmy-nominated Giancarlo Esposito), has been secretly living in the house since their father’s death and looking out for Pierce. In a selfless move, Pierce invites Gilbert to be his roommate.

In the last moments, Jeff sits alone and makes that long-awaited phone call to his father. Dramatic fade to black before the call is answered! Who… will.. play… Jeff’s… father?

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