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TiVo users compare their love lives to Mad Men‘s Don Draper

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with some revealing and interesting results on TiVo users’ love lives and how they compare with current TV shows.


For Valentine’s Day, TiVo decided it would be a great idea to survey their users to find out how their love lives compare with their favorite television shows. The results are rather interesting, and a bit frightening.

The branded digital video recorder company found that 46 percent of their users would rather go without a date night versus one month without the ability to record their favorite TV shows. So, it seems that many people prefer fictional characters to human contact.

The fictional characters that users relate to include Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men. The respondents most closely associate Draper’s highly sexualized and adulterous love life to their own. In second place, Lena Dunham‘s character, Hannah, and her self-destructive relationships from the HBO hit Girls. That response should cheer you up for Valentine’s Day!

Now, TiVo users seem to be a distinguished group since they find Downton Abbey the most romantic show on TV right now. If you dare go with a generic brand of DVR, then The Bachelor franchise is your idea of romance. Does owning a generic device make you lose all taste in television?

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Tara Maitra, who is TiVo’s senior vice president and general manager of content and media sales, weighed in about the results in an official statement: “Our survey found that most couples (46 percent) merge their TV viewing habits and TV show preferences when they have access to DVR technology. Coincidentally, exactly half (50 percent) of consumers say they control their TV recordings.”

Survey respondents clearly love their DVRs because they found it the fourth-ranked most important part of harmonious living with a loved one just behind dual bathrooms, separate closets, and man caves/craft rooms. We are so glad technology is keeping the peace in American households.

The one sweet spot in the survey is that 43 percent of survey respondents believed their current love life to be most like ABC’s Happy Endings. Now, that’s love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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