Steve Martin is (finally) a dad! Will his kid think he’s funny?

Watch out, Elton! You’re not the only super-old celebrity dad. Steve Martin is one proud pop now, too!

Steve Martin is a dad

Surprise, surprise! Comedian and banjo player Steve Martin has been a dad since December!

We still don’t know all the deets, but we do know he’s a proud papa and that the baby was a long time coming.

Martin, 67, and his wife Anne Stringfield, 41, were married almost six years ago in a surprise ceremony. They invited some of their closest friends, including big names like Diane Lane and Tom Hanks, to a dinner party and then surprised them by getting married with everyone gathered around. Before marrying, Martin and Stringfield dated for three years. After nine years, it sounds like their new bundle of joy was exactly what they needed to complete their family.

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According to an unnamed source for the New York Post, the couple is extremely happy.

“They are thrilled,” the source revealed. “They worked hard to have that baby.”

Yay! Throughout his movie career, Steve Martin has played a father numerous times. We all remember his role as the loving and over-protective father on Father of the Bride. Later, he brought us all to giggles as a coach and father of twelve in Cheaper by the Dozen. Being a real father for the first time ever is no doubt a role he was excited to land.

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As for the little Martin, there’s still no word on the gender or the name. As if the top-secret wedding didn’t spell it out, Steve Martin is a very private person. When he first began appearing on television and movies, the paparazzi weren’t quite as vulture-like as they are now. As their lenses became longer and the photogs became ballsier, Martin seemed to become an overnight master of avoiding their prying. We support him in his quest for privacy and we won’t sulk if he doesn’t sell his story to People. But, we hope a statement is released soon so we can at least know a little more about the comedian’s long-awaited baby!

Stay tuned.

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