Pretty Little Liars: "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted"?

Feb 13, 2013 at 12:58 p.m. ET

In Tuesday night's episode, Aria kisses Wesley, Spencer gets nearly naked, Emily almost dies and Hanna's "help" may have done more harm to Caleb's life.

Pretty little liarsRosewood's all grown up

Our beloved Pretty Little Liars show is starting to age gracefully. Tuesday night's episode was filled with life lessons that the PLL crew needed. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) realized she can't be composed when her heart is in pieces (and subsequently lashes out); Hanna (Ashley Benson) realized that some things are better left alone; Emily's (Shay Mitchell) curiosity almost killed a "friend"; and Aria (Lucy Hale) realized that when you play with fire you will get burned. Interested yet? Get your fix below!

Spencer needs to lose it

The PLL crew no longer seemed upset with Spencer, but now they are fearful for her decline. Throughout their friendship, she was the one who had her life together, and it's fair to say even though they knew she would be sad about the breakup, they didn't expect her erratic behavior.

She was cut from the decathlon team before a competition, and her fury over it was fair (since it was Mona's (Janel Parrish) handiwork). She did not leave quietly and when her friends tried to calm her down, Spencer wasn't welcoming. In a true-to-"A" style, a warning was etched on Spencer's sunglasses: "You rat out T, I take down 1 of your 3."

Spencer did seem concerned for her friend's safety and this obviously meant she couldn't discuss Toby. This was the first emotion other than anger that we saw on her face in a long time.

She ended up inviting Andrew (Brandon W. Jones) (from the decathlon team) over in hopes of changing his mind about his swing vote. What incentive does she use? Her body. In a raunchy series of events, Spencer initiates strip trivia (which means one question wrong equals one article of clothing is gone!). Oh Spencer, you dirty little bird. Andrew's bod was jaw-dropping, and who knows where this would have ended up if Emily hadn't interrupted. She shows up at the door with cupcakes, sees Andrew half-naked, and spits out: "Should I have brought more cupcakes?" Ha!

Spencer loses it

Emily tries to convince Spencer she was acting crazy, but Spencer tries to get Emily to back off. Emily merely wanted Spencer to open up, and ultimately Spencer fires back with: "This is the new me!"

The "new" Spencer also makes Wren's (Julian Morris) night when he shows up to her house because Mona had called him because she was concerned for Spencer's mental health. Spencer tactfully requests they go to a dinner/movie where she knew the decathlon competition was happening. While they were there, she sneaks off to go put Mona in her place. When Mona responds with jabs at Toby and how Spencer has no friends, Spencer physically pounces on her, causing a ruckus. It was an epic Mean Girls moment!

Life lesson No. 1: Perhaps this outburst will finally make Spencer realize she needed the time to mourn her loss, but it's time to revert to normalcy.

Hanna needs to mind her business

Hanna played Nancy Drew with Caleb's (Tyler Blackburn) paternity problem. While Aria and Emily were worried for Spencer, she tried to find Caleb's "uncle," who she firmly believed was his dad. After tracking down the uncle, Hanna was proved right. She asks the obvious question of why he abandoned Caleb, and he blames it on a shady past. It didn't seem plausible then, but oh, did it foreshadow for something later. She tries to coax Caleb into meeting his father, which he initially refused to do, but later shows up at the 11th hour.

When Hanna and Caleb arrive to meet his father, the absentee father is, well, absent. He does show up at the last minute (how "like father, like son" of them), and they bond. Hanna goes home beaming to her mom, and begs her to get Caleb's dad a job at the church. While Hanna's mom coordinates the meeting, Hanna and Caleb wait patiently in the sanctuary of the church.

When good news arrives that he got the job, Hanna gives an offering with cash she had that had ominous dice stamped on it. Later, when they return to celebrate with pizza and beer at Hanna's, Caleb's dad goes to pay, and she witnesses him paying with the same dice-imprinted bill she had put in the offering box. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Life lesson No. 2: Maybe Hanna shouldn't have pushed so stubbornly for something she thought was good. It sounds like it may end up being too good to be true, and that Caleb is the one who is going to get hurt the most from it.

Emily needs to be more discreet

Emily takes on the responsible role and tries to calm Jason (Drew Van Acker) down after the big reveal over Ali's pregnancy. She quickly learns he already tried to contact Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) to confront him over the news. She discusses how it was a picture in the police station of Wilden that made her realize he was the culprit. He inquires about a boat, and she mentions the picture she saw at the police station was at a dock. Possible connection? I think so.

Jason tells Emily he remembered a picture from a collage Ali made that summer and remarks she was on boat and how that boat could be Wilden's. They go to his house to retrieve keys to the office where the picture is. The porch is covered in bottles of whisky and "A" texts Emily to tell Jason to save a few because he may need it. She doesn't listen, and they go to the office to retrieve the picture. They find the picture — it has Ali, Wilden and Cece in the shot! Looks like darling CeCe wasn't as innocent and unknowing as she claimed!

When they take the picture to go, the elevator jams and they are stuck inside. Jason is able to pry the doors to get Emily out in time, but then the elevator drops and she screams. Jason is trapped inside.

Later, Jason was in a neck brace at the hospital. He requests some water and admits that someone is out to get him. Emily obliges and closes the curtain. The PLL crew apparently just know to appear at the hospital after an S.O.S. text from Emily, and she catches them up. A nurse then comes by, noting Jason has disappeared. They run over, and the neck brace was left behind. Did they get conned? Or was he scared for his life and ran?

Life lesson No. 3: I'm guessing Emily finally learned her lesson about being more careful in who she trusts and talks to about her valuable developments on "A" and Ali's death.

Aria needs to be more disciplined

I saved the most predictable situation for the end. Aria and Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) kissed. I want that to be the extent of the recap because that's all that matters. That Vampire Diaries reference last week? Yea, it happened. One girl, two brothers. Awkwardly hot.

Cece lures Aria out one evening to take photos of her store. Aria obliges and asks to bring along an assistant: Wesley. Wesley was on the run in this episode because his mother had found out he was hiding at his brother's apartment and she was not OK with that. He was prepared to leave and was going to go stay with a friend for the night. But, I guess she didn't take his plans that seriously and they ended up at CeCe's store.

While there, they flirt and he also ends up revealing that he's going to sleep in his car (there was no "friend"). She is against it and invites him to stay on her couch (where are her parents during all this?!). Meanwhile, CeCe is nowhere to be found. We later see her call Aria and claim she's delayed since her car got towed, but was she sitting in it with a suspicious look on her face?

Aria doesn't pick up on that, and she and Wesley leave the store to retire for the night. They end up bonding over books and later kiss, but Aria stops it. But let's face it, she wanted it.

Life lesson No. 4: It's fair to assume that Aria learned her lesson about being flirtatious with the brother of the guy she's dating. Not to mention that just because your boyfriend is not paying you attention and you're insecure doesn't mean it would be OK to snuggle up to someone else!

What do you think, readers?

Did CeCe almost kill Jason? Is Cece the lady in the red hood who Hanna and Emily said they saw? Or are CeCe and Jason working together to scare the PLL crew into submission? Will Aria and Wesley move forward or are she and Ezra over? When are we finally going to see Toby return? Is Caleb's dad a thief and is he going to start robbing Rosewood? There is never a simple answer, is there? So many questions, so little time!

Check out the preview for next week!

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