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The Bachelor: Take away lessons for the single ladies

Can we get a collective “finally!” Of course, we’re talking about Monday night’s The Bachelor where Tierra was cordially uninvited from the final four. Halle-frickin-lujah. If you watched The Bachelor carefully last night, you picked up a few valuable lessons for all single ladies. Take note…

The Bachelor Sean

Dudes don’t dig drama

We would think in this day and age of dating sophistication that women would have this figured out, yet some gals are still under the impression that drama and tears garner attention. It’ll get you noticed, all right, but not in a good way. Tierra’s “sparkle” (is that a nice way of saying unapologetic manipulation?) wasn’t enough to overshadow the fact that she was the sole source of drama in the house. Single ladies, this is a valuable lesson. If people tell you that you’re a drama queen, take heed and fix it. Don’t embrace it, adopt an attitude about it or be proud of it. Unless you enjoy being single for, like, ever, you’d better figure out more positive ways of setting yourself apart.

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The Bachelor Tierra

Nor do chicks, for that matter

Guys aren’t the only ones who tire of catfights and girls who whip up a batch of tears to get noticed. Women don’t like it either. At first, men react with chivalry. They want to save the fair maiden in distress. However, they quickly figure out when they’re being repeatedly played. Women react with sympathy at first. We all have friends who have had a tough go of it or have had their hearts broken, and we want to offer comfort. This initial reaction also wears thin when you cry wolf one too many times. How can you tell when you’ve overplayed the drama card? When you’re visibly upset and people roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, ask you to pass the remote, or, in Tierra’s case, you’re asked to leave.

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The Bachelor Catherine

Small and strong

Are you picking up on a pattern with Sean’s feedback and choices in women? He admires strength. He speaks highly of both AshLee and Catherine for showing so much strength in the face of childhood adversities. As Catherine told Sean last night that her dad tried to commit suicide in front of her and her siblings, she didn’t break down crying, and Sean admired that. It seems AshLee and Catherine have figured out how to not be overly emotional (not good) without being cold (also not good).

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The Bachelor Lesley

Where’s the love?

How shocked were we when Lesley went home last night? Lesley is gorgeous, funny and took the high road on all the drama in the house. We honestly thought she’d be a final contender, right up until Sean said he felt a lack of affection from Lesley. Then we watched Lesley struggle to tell Sean that she was falling in love with him. Was that because she’s extremely guarded, or because she wasn’t really feeling it? Whatever the reason, it jeopardized the connection Sean had with her, which earlier in the season was pretty strong. This seems like a cautionary note for single ladies: Let your guard down and open yourself to giving and receiving affection, or you could be shutting yourself off from something special.

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