Faith Hill's braces win the Grammys red carpet talk

Feb 11, 2013 at 1:38 p.m. ET

Try as they might, celebrity attention seekers couldn't compete with Faith Hill's braces on Grammy night. What's with the singer's surprise dental gear?

Faith Hill

Faith Hill has braces! Showing up at the 2013 Grammy Awards with a mouth full of metal, the singer surprised many who would never have imagined there was anything wrong with her gorgeous smile.

While walking the red carpet Sunday night alongside happily sober husband Tim McGraw, Faith Hill's braces caught the attention of cameras — though the light pink bands were barely visible. Still, many wondered why it is the 45-year-old, and not one of the couple's teenage daughters, was sporting braces.

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Explaining her accessory during a radio interview with Phoenix-based KNIX, the mother of 15-year-old Gracie, 14-year-old Maggie and 11-year-old Audrey shared, "I had braces as a kid. I forgot to wear my retainer."

Feel free to learn from Faith Hill's mistake in the orthodontics department. She added, "Kids, wear your retainer!"

No word yet on how long the "Take Me As I Am" singer will be wearing braces, though in November she said, "They are about four months old. I'm getting used to them."

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Surprisingly, talk of Faith Hill's braces was trending on the Internet by Monday morning.

One Twitter user criticized, "Hold up. Faith Hill has braces AND looks like a Tim McGraw aint fed her in years," while many others wondered why the singer didn't opt for Invisalign.

Others were slightly more sympathetic, however, such as one person who vented, "Stop knocking Faith Hill on her adult braces! She just wants pretty teeth! You people don't know what it's like!"

Are Faith Hill's braces gossip-worthy in your book?

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