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Exclusive Escape From Planet Earth clip


SheKnows has an exclusive clip of the hilarious trio of aliens played by Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson and George Lopez in the animated film Escape From Planet Earth, set for release on Feb. 15.

Get ready for a new 3D animated film that is going to delight the entire family. Escape From Planet Earth launches in theaters on Feb. 15, and SheKnows has an exclusive clip for you.

The film will transport audiences to planet Baab, where the much-admired hero and astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) resides. Scorch swoops in to help whenever there is trouble in the blue alien nation, assisted by his uptight, nerdy brother, Gary (Rob Corddry). Gary runs mission control at BASA.

When the chief of BASA, Lena (Jessica Alba), informs the duo that trouble is lurking from a dangerous planet, it is Scorch who ignores the warnings and bounds off to another adventure. Of course, he finds trouble in the evil Shanker (William Shatner), so it is up to Gary to save the day, save the planet and rescue his wife, Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker), and their son, Kip.

Escape From Planet Earth

This exclusive clip showcases a trio of aliens stuck on that troublesome planet — known as Earth — as they befriend Gary and plan their escape. Doc (Craig Robinson), Io (Jane Lynch) and Thurman (George Lopez) band together for the adventure of a lifetime to save planet Baab.

Not only do we get the opportunity to look at these three lovable and hilarious characters, but we also get a sneak peek into the actors voicing the film at the studio. There is truly something for the entire family: humor, adventure and even a song on the soundtrack by teen hunk Cody Simpson.

It is also clear that even the cast had the time of their lives participating in the animated feature.

As Jane Lynch says in the clip, “It fires on all cylinders for all ages, so parents will have a great time bringing their kids. It will be a lot of fun for everybody.”

Escape from Planet Earth hits theaters on Feb. 15.

(Note: The release date was changed after the clip was created.)

Image courtesy of Rainmaker Entertainment

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