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Steven Soderbergh’s side effects of success: It’s torture

Steven Soderbergh’s enviable success isn’t without its hardships. The director, whose latest project has the public clamoring for information, is being tortured by press junkets.

Steven Soderbergh

No one quite knows yet what Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, Side Effects, is. A medical mystery? Psychological thriller? While the Jude Law and Rooney Mara-led flick looks promising, promoting it is apparently a big pain.

“Press junkets are a very specific form of psychological torture for everyone involved,” Stephen Soderbergh recently told Yahoo Movies when he sat down to talk about Side Effects.

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“It’s really bad. There’s no scenario once you don’t hate yourself. It’s impossible,” the 50-year-old continued.

“Matt [Damon] and I talked about that when we were doing The Informant. We’re talking about waterboarding, and he was like, ‘F*** that. You get the worst terrorist zealot and junket him for three days and we’ll break him. We will totally break him.'”

Thankfully, for Steven Soderbergh, he’s about to have a reprieve from the junket torture, as his self-imposed deadline for retirement has arrived.

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“Five years ago, as we were finishing Che, I said, ‘OK, when I turn 50, I want to be done. I’m going to jam in as much as I can, but when I turn 50, I want to be done,'” he explained. “This movie is done. Liberace is done, delivered. So, other than doing press like that, I’ve already started working on other things.”

Sounds like there’s not much actual retiring planned for Soderbergh’s retirement! Here’s a look at Side Effects, in which the anxiety-ridden Rooney Mara turns to the new drug Ablixa for help.

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