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Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry’s mini Friends reunion

Courteney Cox drops by to play a love interest on Go On, the NBC series helmed by her former Friends husband Matthew Perry.

The Buzz – Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry to Reunite for ‘Go On’
Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry will be reunited soon!

Monica and Chandler 4-ever!

That’s what Friends fans past and present may be thinking, as Courteney Cox, who played Monica, checks in for an episode of Matthew Perry’s comedy Go On.

Do they have less hair? More wrinkles? HD TV will show us!

The Hollywood Reporter writes that in the episode, Cox plays a new buddy of a woman in Perry’s support group. The support group pal tries to set Perry up with Cox, and comedic complications no doubt ensue.

The episode is set to air in April.

There have been a bunch of other ex-Friends teamings on television: Both Cox and David Schwimmer have done guest roles on Lisa Kudrow’s series Web Therapy on Showtime. Kudrow appeared on Cox’s series Cougar Town, as did Jennifer Aniston.

Cougar Town gets new season, new network >>

A Friends movie has been rumored for years. But three of the cast’s principals shot the gossip down in 2012.

Aniston said that a movie would be going against “its authentic self.” Friends “is not in a movie theater,” she said. It should be “in your living room.”

“I don’t want to see an old Joey,” Matt LeBlanc piquantly told Entertainment Weekly.

He said Friends was about a “finite period of time, before you got married and went off to start your life with a family. It was that magical time that everyone can relate to.”

Catching up with the characters now would “let people down.”

Go On airs at 9/8c Tuesdays on NBC.

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