The Bachelor gets analyzed

Feb 6, 2013 at 2:25 p.m. ET

Think you know "the look of love?" Cupid's Pulse has hired an expert to help us figure it out for The Bachelor!

Sean Lowe with Ashlee

According to nonverbal communication expert Jared Sais, we can probably figure out who our newest bachelor, Sean Lowe, will choose before the end of each episode of this season's The Bachelor.

Of course, unless we become experts like Jared, we're just going to have to wait until Tuesday afternoons, when he'll release his full report on During each episode, Jared will study the actions of each of the contestants (as well as Sean Lowe) and use them to help him decide who has real feelings and who's just feeling their way along. All these girls who say they're in love with Sean? It's time to find out which ones really are.

According to Cupid's Pulse:

By identifying cues like facial expressions, gestures, body positioning, and specific words the contestants use on the show and during their dates with Sean, Jared will expose who is there to find love, who is there for the wrong reasons and who Sean is ultimately going to choose to be his wife. Jared is a human lie detector who goes beyond the roses and tells us the truth!

Oh, we can't wait! The website is also promising that if we pay enough attention to Jared's readings, we'll no doubt learn how to better ourselves in the dating market. Cupid's Pulse said Jared's readings and advice can help us better understand our body language (and probably that of our dates), ensuring we make the correct choices when out on the town.

Even if we learn nothing useful from Jared's Bachelor commentary, having his insight into the show and the girls competing for Sean's heart ought to make things even more interesting and entertaining! Enjoy the drama.

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