Mario Lopez runs in his skivvies!

Feb 6, 2013 at 10:01 a.m. ET

Some people take the Super Bowl so seriously. And boy, are we glad for that!

The Buzz - WATCH Mario Lopez Strip Down to Purple Undies

Mario Lopez loses a bet on the superbowl and we get some see some skin!

Those Extra kids are just downright silly.

Last year, Extra's co-host Maria Menounos made a brave Super Bowl bet. Then her hometown team, the New England Patriots, lost.

The poor girl had to strip down to a bikini with the New York Giants' logo on it and do the entire Times Square show in nothing more. The boys were happy, but Menounos wasn't.

It looks like Extra liked all the bikini-clad attention, because they decided to do it again... except this time for the ladies. Mario Lopez made a pre-game announcement: If his beloved San Francisco 49ers lost, he'd run through The Grove in his tighty-whities and a Ravens helmet.

You know how the game went, so here's the footage of him making good on his promise...


You're welcome, girls.

In case you're interested, those undies are actually available for purchase. (Not those exact ones. Gross!) They're from Mario's new line, Rated M. His line isn't all skivvies, but it's pretty close.

Lopez's new brand is made up of perfectly formed underwear (for guys and girls), but also other super comfy and super smart clothes made for a day at the gym, a run through the woods, or an evening on the couch for a "manful man and his very special guest."

To buy some manful Rated M undies for you or your very special friend, head to select Bloomingdale's stores or buy them online at Amazon,, and a few other dot coms as well.

If you don't currently have a very special friend in your life to buy Rated M for, it's OK. Just watch the video again.

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