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E! News‘ Catt Sadler’s awards season predictions

Entertainment expert Catt Sadler of E! News gives us her predictions for some of the top celebrity gossip stories of the year.

Catt SadlerE! News host Catt Sadler knows a lot about celebrity trends. So when we stopped by her kitchen to get the scoop on her awards season diet, we also had to quiz her on a little celebrity gossip.

So who does Catt think will take home the Oscar for Best Picture this year? Will Kim and Kanye last forever? And who should Taylor Swift date now that she’s dumped Harry Styles? Catt’s giving us all her predictions for this star-worthy season…

Q&A with Catt

SheKnows: Who do you think will be the unlikely award season hookup this year?

Catt Sadler: Jennifer Lawrence and Joaquin Phoenix.

SK: Who is your favorite celebrity couple?

CS: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

SK: Celebs are always making up and breaking up; who do you think will be the next couple to bite the dust?

CS: Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart.

SK: Taylor Swift is freshly single — who should she date (and then write a song about) next?

CS: Jason Kennedy from E! News, haha!

SK: What is your favorite movie of the year? And which movie do you think will win Best Picture?

CS: My favorite? Django Unchained. Will win? Argo.

SK: Whose wedding is going to be better: Brad and Angie, or Jen and Justin?

CS: Jen and Justin. Brad and Angie will be engaged forever.

SK: Do you have any predictions for what headlines Justin Bieber will be making next?

CS: I predict Justin Bieber starts dating someone twice his age. A cute cougar will snatch him up next!

SK: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Is this true love? And do you have any baby name predictions for their bun in the oven?

CS: Kimye will go the distance. They will name their baby something completely original, but it will start with a K.

Watch E! News nightly to see if Catt’s predictions come true, and follow her on Twitter for more celebrity gossip news!

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