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Sean, The Bachelor: An evening of questionable decisions

On Monday evening’s latest edition of a two-part episode of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, who we’ve come to know and love for his down-to-earth, determined attitude, lost some ground. He was popping off and making poor decisions right and left. So what happened to our golden boy? Did the high altitude of Montana go to his head?

Sean Lowe The Bachelor

Blue team isn’t blue anymore

With scenic Montana as the backdrop, a group date is divided into two teams — the red team and the blue team, so marked with red and blue plaid shirts. They must complete an obstacle course of canoe rowing, bucking bales of hay, and milking a goat and drinking its milk. After rowing in circles, the red team still manages to win and the blue team goes home. Sean Lowe feels bad, so at the celebratory cocktail party for the red team, he breaks the rules and invites the blue team to join them. Normally, we love Sean’s rebellious ways. But what was he thinking?! Of course the red team was seeing red, and one of our favorites, Desiree, compromised everything by telling Sean she was pissed. But it gets worse…

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A rose is not just a rose

So, in waddles the blue team (after crazed Tierra assaulted Sean while he’s doing a one-on-one on camera with the producer), grinning from ear to ear. Sean gets tugged in every direction, and why-is-she-still-there Daniella comes unraveled when she sees Catherine sitting in Sean’s lap. She boo-hoos on Sean’s shoulder and he ends up giving her the rose! Now the red team is in a full-on rage. First, Sean invites the losers to their winning cocktail party and then proceeds to give someone from the blue team a rose! Sean is either completely oblivious to the inner workings of the female brain (is that why such a catch is still single?) or this was some sadistic plot to put the girls in a stressful situation so he can see their true colors.

Tierra The Bachelor

He keeps Tierra!

Sean takes Jackie and Tierra on a double date, which only one of the girls will come back from. After Jackie sells Tierra out (or at least tries to, without sounding like a jealous shrew) Tierra snivels about an ex-boyfriend and Sean gives Tierra the rose.

Let’s recap: So far, Tierra has not established any friendships in the house after living day in and day out with the other women (red flag), then she “falls” down the stairs (no one actually saw her fall), Sean’s been made aware of her behavior and how she only turns on the charm when Sean or the cameras are around, and yet she remains.

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At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Des sits Sean down and tells him she’s confused by Sean’s choices, which was just a nice way of saying, “Are you out of your freakin’ mind?”

Even though we realize Tierra is likely the producer’s choice (there is always a villain who is kept around inexplicably), we have one thing to say to Sean: If it walks like a trouble-making drama queen and talks like a trouble-making drama queen, it’s probably a trouble-making drama queen!

Are Sean’s true colors coming out?

Sean is our favorite bachelor in a long time. He’s a total hottie and he seems sincere. After last night, however, we have to question just how sound his decision-making skills are. And have you noticed how many girls he’s said, “I’m crazy about you” to? That’s not something you should say to more than one girl. Of course, in a perfect dating situation, you shouldn’t be making out with more than girl either.

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So what will this evening’s dramatic conclusion to this two-part episode have in store for us? We’ve already seen previews of Tierra being cared for by medics (again), shaking and bawling. Will he keep troubled Tierra (and if so, he better have good health insurance) or will he send her packing?

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Since Sean closed out the evening being frustrated and confused, we offer this video to help him with future decisions…

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