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Our Top 5 Super Bowl commercials

We here at SheKnows love a little bit of football. But just like the rest of the country, we get even more excited for the ads. Here’s a look at our Top 5 ads from this year’s big game!

5. Mercedes-Benz: “Soul”
There’s so much to love about this commercial. We especially like the lifestyle the guy thinks he’ll have once he’s got the sweet car. Of course, Willem Dafoe as Satan is also pretty genius. The only reason this didn’t score higher is because Dafoe’s fingernails are just a little too creepy/gross.

4. Taco Bell: “Viva Young”
Who doesn’t love hard-partying senior citizens? We imagine there were, at the very least, thousands of teenagers who saw this commercial and immediately thought, “That’s going to be me and my friends in 60 or 70 years!” We sure hope we’re still that awesome. Our favorite part: When the cops drive by at the end.

3. Budweiser: “Brotherhood”
When was the last time a Super Bowl commercial made you cry? Unless the ASPCA ever played its life-ruiner sad animal commercials during the game, the answer is probably never. Budweiser really gave us a (happy) tearjerker with this year’s pick! We always love seeing those Clydesdales run, but the cute “backstory” this year was just precious. Question: Does the horse ever go back to his original home for good? Like, when he’s too old to keep up in the “industry?” (Also, is that guy single?)

2. Audi: “Prom”
There’s no way that this adorable actor couldn’t score a date, but we still love the commercial. For grown-ups, this commercial reminded them of however they managed to get to prom. For teens, this was probably awe-inspiring. During high school, didn’t we all spend at least one drop-off wishing our parents had a cooler car? An S6 would certainly do the trick.

1. Kia “Space Babies”
If you’re a parent, you understand: Kia nailed it! Car rides, for whatever reason, bring out the gumption in kids. Maybe because they only have to look at the backs of heads instead of faces? Either way, trips with kids always equal questions. They always start out harmless, but inevitably take a turn for the embarrassing/awkward. That moment was spectacular enough. What followed was sheer genius.

Those are our picks! Do you think we missed any real winners? Let us know!

Image courtesy of CBS

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