Paris Hilton’s “simple life

Paris Hilton hit Barcelona, Spain, to support her model boyfriend River Viiperi as he walked down the runway in the couture shows this week. This newfound quietude suits the former tabloid star.


Did you ever think the words quiet and Paris Hilton would be uttered in the same sentence? Well, the former tabloid queen has made her very public life a little more private these days since she’s been dating her much younger boyfriend, 21-year-old Spanish model River Viiperi.

The couple began dating in September and ever since, the young model’s career has really taken off. The two were recently spotted in Barcelona, Spain, this week while Viiperi hit the runway for several couture fashion shows.

Normally, the paparazzi would expect Hilton to hit the red carpet before the shows, but even with her front row seat, she slipped into the show discreetly on Monday night.

The old Paris would have had every lens aimed at her; the new Paris wanted the attention to be on her boyfriend.

Could it be that the 31-year-old socialite has finally grown up? Her former tabloid peers seemed to have settled down, with pals like Nicole Richie now a wife and mother of two, and Kim Kardashian currently pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby.

Or perhaps the couple learned their lesson after Viiperi’s Las Vegas arrest last fall and Hilton’s gay slur debacle? Either way, their newfound peace seems to suit both of them very well, so let’s hope they can stay out of trouble.

Even with a growing relationship, Hilton continues to focus on her business ventures abroad where she continues to be a global brand. She opened her 42nd store in Saudi Arabia last November which sells upscale accessories.

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