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Music review: Lissie “Go Your Own Way


Another song has emerged associated with the release of Safe Haven starring the striking Josh Duhamel and the adorable Julianne Hough.


Why do we love movie trailers so much?

They give us the top five scenes in the whole movie combined with some sappy music that makes us feel deeply emotionally connected to the plot. I mean, do you remember Safe House (starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington) and that Kanye West song “No Church In The Wild” came on? You felt badass.

Now, for the upcoming cry-fest just in time for D-Day — I mean V-Day — we have the latest Safe Haven trailer, which made me stop eating, stop whining, and start believing in love all over again. I don’t know if it was watching Josh Duhamel gaze passionately at the screen or Lissie’s impeccable rendition of this Fleetwood Mac song, but regardless, I am s-o-l-d.

Aren’t we all looking to find a movie romance?

Let’s blame mass media for the wretched and unrealistic views we have about love. But, now that the blame has been delegated, we can accept that deep down most of us want what we see on the big screen. This song, if only for a few moments, gives you the warmth and nostalgia of a passionate encounter and a flutter in your heart similar to the one when you realize you’ve fallen in love. My stomach was in knots and I know it wasn’t the bag of cookies I ate while listening to it.

Fleetwood Mac vs. Lissie?

Not even going there. How can you compare the upbeat rendition from the reputed band to a silky sounding indie singer? You just can’t. But if you want to slip into something warm, turn on the fireplace, reminisce about the tumultuous moments of love in your life or the ones yet to come, you may just fall in love with this version as much as I did. It’s slower and more airy and emotional. Thumbs up from me!

It’s ironic it’s for a movie called Safe Haven because this is exactly the type of song you want to run and hide in.

Listen to it and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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