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Oops! Lindsay Lohan hops first-class flight to avoid jail


Lindsay Lohan panics as she rushes to catch the last flight from New York to Los Angeles to avoid jail time.

The Buzz – Sick Lindsay Lohan flies to LA for court date
Lindsay Lohan rushes to L.A. to appear in court.

A flu-like cough rattles as Lindsay Lohan, sickly and frail, tells her lawyer she can’t make it Los Angeles Wednesday morning. The judge will surely be forgiving, right?

Oops! Fast forward 24 hours and Lohan got her freckled self on the last first-class American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles to avoid another stint in jail. Ah Lindsay, just another close call.

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Lohan was spotted at JFK in a black SUV looking pretty bad — but what else is new — and TMZ reported Lindsay and mom Dina Lohan hopped the last flight out of New York City to Los Angeles to make it in time for her Wednesday morning court appearance.

TMZ thinks Lohan got all flushed and panicked at the thought of actually sitting in a jail cell, so she begged her mom to be responsible — just this once.

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Unfortunately for Lohan, making her Wednesday court appearance is the least of her problems.

TMZ says Lindsay hates her new attorney, Mark Heller, and asked her long-standing attorney Shawn Holley to come back. Surprisingly, Holley gave LiLo some tough love and told her she’s on her own. Also according to TMZ, Heller isn’t licensed to practice in California, so Lohan could be representing herself this morning. Yikes.

Lohan is set to appear in court Wednesday on charges related to an automobile accident over the summer.

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