Pretty Little Liars recap: Out of the fire, into the frying pan

Spencer is on the quest for truth, and the rest of her minions are on journeys of their own when lies come out and the truth sets in.

Meet Spencer Hastings, resident bipolar

Spencer is ruthless in this episode of PLL.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has hit rock bottom. She’s snapping at friends, understanding “A” and even defending the terror reign. One can only assume she’s trying to come to terms with Toby (Keegan Allen) being a part of “A.”

Rather than crumbling to pieces, she turns cold and suddenly has a fixation with justice. I knew Spencer was my favorite for a reason: In a fiery exchange with Aria, she openly claims their lives wouldn’t be as complicated if they just stopped lying. The episode has her disheveled and contemplative, succumbing to the fate that perhaps they deserve what “A” is doing to them. She reveals this mentality privately to Emily (Shay Mitchell), admitting that she and Toby broke up, but doesn’t tell her the big identity reveal that is actually breaking her heart far more.

She gets an ominous text from Aria (Lucy Hale), saying that Ezra (Ian Harding) broke up with her and Aria doesn't know where she stands with meet her in the park. When she gets there, she finds Ezra and goes off on him — instinctively trying to defend Aria.

She spills the beans on him having a kid, and realizes that she was set up. Later, when a miserable but graceful Aria confronts Spencer completely calm and maturely, Spencer snaps at her and doesn’t even bother asking if she’s coping OK.

Later, we see Spencer meet up with a mystery man (who I assumed was Toby at first when she messaged him) who she enlists as a private investigator to follow Toby and find out what that key from last episode opens.


Aria, meanwhile, has the doomsday of her life when Ezra confronts her and is astonished by her secrecy and disloyalty, but then faces her only to tell her he plans on visiting his son and implies they should be fine. All the reassurances in the world couldn’t help, and his tears only lend the idea that this couple may no longer have a crystal-clear picture of a future together.

A “ladies night” ends in jail

This wasn’t a ladies’ night you would expect Hanna (Ashley Benson) to go to. She was tailing Paige (Lindsey Shaw) after she overheard her conspiring with Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Guilty, afraid that her boyfriend and Emily’s love interest were in danger, she ends up at a lesbian happy hour where she witnesses Paige being a little too friendly with another girl. While trying to avoid being seen, she has a drink thrown at her and gets caught with a fake ID. She ends up at the police station and meets Emily, whose mom now has started working there.

Before seeing Hanna, Emily discusses how she had a box of mementos sent to her house. She remarks that they were all articles Emily had given to Ali (Sasha Pieterse). In this box she finds a notebook, and it has notes shared between Ali and Cece (Vanessa Ray) about a “beach hottie” from that summer that the audience finds out may have gotten Ali pregnant.

Emily discovers that CeCe had no true idea of who “beach hottie” was and that their dear Ali may have been killed because of that secret (I doubt it’s that simple — nothing on this show ever is). She explains to Hanna that she had gone to the police station to give the notebook to her mom, hoping the police could use it to pinpoint the mystery man. While they were waiting, Emily’s mom went to find who would be best suited to handle that evidence.

Episode shocker?

That sleazy but attractive cop Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) was in the same place that summer Cece and Ali were. Emily and Hanna made this discovery at the police station when they saw a picture proving this. Wonder what the girls are going to do now, with him in possession of the notebook (yes, that’s right, he got to it) that probably could have pinpointed him as involved (well only if he’s “beach hottie”)? A little less interesting is now what will Hanna do with the information she has about Paige being a bit of a womanizer.

Let’s see what Rosewood has in store for us next week!

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