Sexy shutterbugs: Miley and more stars steaming up the lense

Cold weather? Who cares! Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and other sultry stars are cranking up the heat this winter with sizzling photo shoots.

Miley Cyrus on the Cover of CosmopolitanMiley Cyrus

Maybe Miley Cyrus (or should we say Miley Hemsworth?) wanted to give Liam a sexy little keepsake he could hang on his wall. Whatever her reasoning, Miley decided to shed her Disney image for good — along with her top — for the cover of Cosmo’s March cover. Miley suggestively peeks out from the magazine, holding the lapels of her blazer at boob level. Paired with her edgy platinum pixie cut, the former Hannah Montana looks decidedly grown up. Not that she has left much doubt of that in anyone’s minds these days with all her high publicity hijinks.

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Rihanna Performing in GermanyRihanna

Rihanna’s a free spirit, and by free spirit we pretty much mean she doesn’t like to be encumbered by pesky articles of clothing. News of the pop star doffing her top isn’t exactly shocking, but it is intriguing when the typically “open book” Barbadian is coy about the cause of her nudity. RiRi posted a scantily-clad Instragram pic earlier this week, referring to a “#topsecret add campaign.” Today, she tweeted pics of herself strolling the beach in Barbados for the country’s tourism campaign. If nothing else, that oughtta get the island an influx of male sightseers. Check out her sexy photos here.

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Beyonce in a House of Dereon AdBeyonce

Talk about one hot mama! First, Beyonce flashed some underboob in a cut off sports shirt for the February cover of GQ. Now, bombshell pics of Queen B are circulating from a recent photo shoot for her fifth perfume fragrance, Pulse NYC. Could it be that motherhood made the pop star more aware of her bangin’ body? According to her interview on, absolutely! “Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman,” she told the magazine, going on to mention her “excitement and sensuality.” We don’t blame Jay-Z for being crazy in love with her. As a matter of fact, we kind of are, too. Check out her sexy photos here.

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Celebrity Big Brother Star Paula Hamilton in LondonPaula Hamilton

Former model Paula Hamilton was the first housemate to be eliminated on this season’s Celebrity Big Brother, and the star is taking the news lying down. In a photo shoot for the issue of Closer magazine hitting stands this week, Hamilton is snapped lounging nude on a bed and in other provocative poses. In the accompanying interview, the brazen 55-year-old beauty cops to loving “being naked and admiring my body.” Hey, blame it on her childhood — she says she was raised in South Africa by Zulu warriors, where being naked was only a problem if you landed on an ants’ nest. Check out her sexy photos here.

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Saved By the Bell Star Tiffani ThiessenTiffani Thiessen

Somehow, I don’t think Principal Belding would approve of Kelly Kapows — er — I mean Tiffani Thiessen’s sensual photos showcased on the viral photo blog Me In My Place. Then again… well, we won’t go there. Created by photographer Michael Edwards, Me In My Place is a site where celebs shed their make-up, inhibitions and — for the most part — their clothes to pose. Although Thiessen has spoken candidly in the past about the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood and the criticism she has faced over her body, we completely understand why the Bayside High stunner is bringing the site boucoup traffic. Check out her sexy photos here.

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Images, top to bottom, courtesy of: Cosmopolitan/Hearst,,, Vince Maher/, Daniel Tanner/


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