George Clooney pays for his party’s rowdy behavior

George Clooney’s generous side is showing. Fearing he’d upset a fellow diner in Germany, the actor stepped up to make it right without even having to be asked!

George Clooney

Generous George Clooney has payed another diner’s bill. The story of the actor’s kind deeds comes from the patron on the receiving end of a free dinner — coincidentally one of the last people on the planet who has no idea who George Clooney is!

Oliver Hermann, the diner who shared a restaurant with the actor and his group of friends in Berlin, confirmed the 51-year-old coughed up roughly $135 for his check.

While most certainly a kind gesture, Clooney’s generosity wasn’t entirely random. The waiter told Hermann the actor feared he and his party had been too loud and paid for his fellow restaurant patron’s bill as a way to apologize.

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This was all news to Hermann, who refuted the idea the star’s table had been bothersome.

“That’s not true at all,” he insisted to the German newspaper Bild. “They had behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned.”

Stunned a very handsome stranger had payed the bill, that is! Oliver Hermann had no idea who George Clooney was. Even after leaving his business card at the Hollywood star’s table, in hopes he could one day return the free dinner favor, his identity didn’t dawn on the diner.

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It’s unclear when Hermann caught a clue, exactly, though strangely enough his brush with fame has now found him a bit of it as well! The Berlin man’s dining experience has since made headlines around the world.

George Clooney, pictured here at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, is in Germany to film the movie The Monuments Men.

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