Lindsay Lohan is too sick to appear in court

Lindsay Lohan found another excuse to keep her out of court on Wednesday. This time she’s too sick to appear even though she was spotted smoking and on a shopping spree this weekend.

LindsayLohantoosickforcourtLindsay Lohan really doesn’t want to go to court. She has a new excuse every day and it seems that TMZ is confirming that theory.

Why can’t Lohan go to court this time? According to TMZ, she’s too sick. Her new lawyer, Mark Heller, gave documents to the court that state she cannot fly due to illness. In a winter season with a flu epidemic, this might be reasonable, but come on, it’s Lindsay Lohan we are talking about.

Heller included a doctor’s note diagnosing her with an upper respiratory infection and suggesting she stay away from flying to prevent infecting others. However, TMZ has photos showing Lohan enjoying a shopping spree and a cigarette on the same day she was examined by her doctor in New York.

Her whole case is in chaos anyway. The Mean Girls actress fired her longtime lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and replaced her with Heller. Unfortunately, the new lawyer isn’t licensed in the state of California and he has not been approved by the court.

What does this mean for Lohan’s case? It means a whole lot of trouble. She was required to be in court on Wednesday in Los Angeles. If she does not appear and her sick excuse is deemed invalid, there will be a warrant out for her arrest.

The sick excuse has been used time and time again with the Liz & Dick actress. On the set of her upcoming film, The Canyons, she partied all night with Lady Gaga and then claimed she had an inner-ear infection the next day and had to go home.

A recent New York Times article on the film quoted director Paul Schrader as saying, “That’s her doctor, he’ll say whatever she wants. I shot one day from a stretcher. She could do it, but she doesn’t want to.”

We also can’t forget that she had an upper respiratory infection during her time on Scary Movie 5. When one of the producers called foul and hung suing her for breach of contract over her head, Lohan showed up to the set.

What will it take to get Lohan to straighten her act out? She’s made herself virtually unemployable in the entertainment industry, the IRS seized her bank account and she can’t make it to court to clear up her legal troubles.

Perhaps a little time behind bars will make all the difference.

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