The Bachelor's Sean Lowe blogs about his tough choice

Jan 29, 2013 at 11:04 a.m. ET

People magazine really scored when it landed blogs from The Bachelor. We get to enjoy the fruits of its labor as we read the thoughts of Sean Lowe, who explains (or defends) the decisions he makes throughout the show.

The Bachelor Sean blogs about Catherine, Tierra, Leslie and Amanda

This week's blog for People started off exceptionally cheesy. The Bachelor's Sean Lowe refers to Iraqi beauty Selma as his opposite because she's short and olive-skinned. It's hard not to just scoff and stop right there. I don't think that's what they had in mind when they came up with that little nugget of wisdom, Sean. Does he seriously write this stuff? Sometimes his over-the-top cheesiness makes him a little less attractive. That said, some girls appreciate it. Plus, it's nice to know what the heck he's thinking after he pulls some of these stunts.

The Bachelor Sean blogs about Catherine, Tierra, Leslie and Amanda

On the latest episode, Sean kept the ladies' least favorite housemate, Tierra, and cast off Leslie H. What?!

The Pretty Woman date seemed to go so well and Leslie and Sean really seemed to enjoy themselves. It was such a shocker for viewers and especially Leslie. It's trite and worthy of an eye roll, but Sean said there just wasn't any "spark." Just because you can have fun with someone, doesn't mean you can fall in love with them, right?

"I knew she wasn't the one for me," Sean blogged about Leslie.

As for Tierra, he outright calls the rose he gave her a "symbolic Band-Aid" after all the tears during this week's episode. The girls really hate her, which of course, makes living with them awkward and, you know, horrific. I'm not saying Tierra doesn't necessarily deserve the scorn. But, man, us girls can be so catty!

The worst part of the show (and the blog) was Sean's time with Catherine. I know he thinks they're both "nerds" and maybe they are, but that shyness seems so fake! How do you have the guts to tell someone you want to kiss them, but not actually do it? Is Catherine really shy or does she just know how to play the "cute card" to get Sean wrapped around her finger? Whatever it is, Sean fell for it hook, line and sinker.

"We skipped around the driveway," he blogged for People, describing Catherine's excitement over their kiss.

It's too much to handle. To read his entire blog and really sort out your feelings, head over to Or feel free to sort them out with others in the comments section below...

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