Q&A with Dallas star Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster opens up about what’s in store for good girl Elena in season two of TNT’s hit series Dallas.

Jordana Brewster as Elena on Dallas

Nice girls don’t always finish last. In a world overrun with villains, Jordana Brewster’s character Elena stands out as a moral character who won’t compromise to get what she wants. Going into season two, Elena is ahead of the rest. She’s finally engaged to the love of her life, Christopher Ewing, and is looking forward to a new career.

SheKnows had a chance to chat with Jordana about love triangles, steamy scenes and playing the ultimate good girl.

Love and business

Will the John Ross, Christopher, Elena love triangle continue in season 2?

JB: No. I think she really gave John Ross the benefit of the doubt throughout season 1 and she was very torn because the love of her life was married to someone else. But, I think once John Ross crossed her, that’s it. And I think Elena deserves a little happiness.

Is she going to step up and try to make her own spot in the business world this season?

JB: I think so. Elena is very ambitious. She definitely wants to prove herself. And now that everything is okay on the home front, for a while at least, she now can focus on her business career.

How will Elena’s romance with Christopher affect her business deal with Sue Ellen?

JB: I don’t know how much I can give away but as we know, I mean Sue Ellen is very territorial and she is definitely a mama bear. And she puts John Ross first. The relationship between Sue Ellen and Elena definitely changes.

Jordana plays the good girlCast chemistry

There’s such a great chemistry between the cast. How do you maintain it?

JB: I think we are all just having a lot of fun. We have been really, really lucky because we just have a really good group of people. And I think Linda, Larry and Patrick really set the bar last season because they are so close to each other. They have such a great rapport with each other and I think that is something we all aspire to.

Speaking of chemistry, what’s it like bouncing between love scenes with both Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe?

JB: It is nice to do those kinds of romantic scenes with someone you know. But it can be a little more awkward because at that point the actor feels like your brother in some ways. On the other hand, you keep it really professional. I have had a really good time doing those kinds of scenes with Jesse and Josh because they are both really respectful and it is a good part of my job. I am not complaining.

The good girl

Being on a show that’s known for its bad guys, do you ever wish you weren’t playing a goodie goodie?

JB: Sometimes… I think it is great to play a character where she is incredibly ambitious and driven and yet she is not willing to sacrifice her core morals… So it is kind of nice playing that redeemable character and someone that women can look up to.

Catch Jordana getting ahead in her career and love life while being a strong moral example for women everywhere Monday nights on TNT!

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